Tick Control and Mosquito Pest Control Rollingwood TX

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Small town vibes are what many in Austin’s urban workforce long for. A space of respite and relaxation at the end of the workday. They find that and more in Rollingwood Texas. gives our charming town of less than 1,500 residents an A+ grade for the quality of life offered here. Our picturesque surroundings lend themselves to every outdoor enjoyment for residents and visitors alike. Unfortunately, some of those visitors are of the uninvited sort – ergo, pests! Rolling streams, serene backyards, and an uninterrupted landscape provide perfect spaces for pests to make their homes. Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin takes pest control in Rollingwood TX seriously and you should too!

Rollingwood Texas Mosquito Control

West Nile virus, Zika, and Chikungunya sound exotic, but don’t expect to find these mosquito-borne illnesses only in off-shore exotic locales. They have all been found stateside and here in Texas. What’s more, there are less-exotic sounding diseases that are harmful, which result from the bite of only one measly mosquito. Heartworm disease, for example, is one such illness. Not only is heartworm in dogs difficult to treat, but it is also costly. There too is the chance that it could be fatal or leave lifelong organ damage if cured. Rollingwood mosquito control is important because it can help you prevent illness in the first place. For the most trusted mosquito control in Rollingwood TX, call Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin. You can expect to see up to 90% fewer mosquitoes around your home with our original barrier treatment solution, which is applied like clockwork every three weeks. Achieve a little less protection with a spray every two weeks with our natural mosquito control.

Tick Pest Control Rollingwood TX

Make no mistake, Austin ticks are out for blood. These potentially dangerous critters could be crawling throughout your most serene and natural landscapes in Rollingwood. They especially love moist, shady areas, such as wood piles, underbrush, and even landscaping materials you have close to your home. Our tick pest control technicians will identify potential tick-friendly spaces throughout your yard, and treat them. If they can be interrupted, your technician will offer insight about how to obliterate their natural habitats and make your yard less of a tick-friendly environment.

Flea Exterminators Rollingwood Texas 

Fleas are not just unfriendly to wildlife and pets; they can be quite unfriendly to you and your family too. Anyone who has ever endured the itchy clusters of red, blistering sores resulting from a flea bite allergy will tell you it’s better to prevent the itch than to try treating it. That’s exactly what our Rollingwood flea exterminators will help you do. Because the truth is, once you see your pet scratch, you can expect to have a flea infestation somewhere about your property. Mosquito Squad’s highly trained flea control techs will make your yard pet-friendly once more with proven effective flea extermination in Rollingwood Texas.

Fire Ant Extermination in Rollingwood TX

Though small, they pack a mighty punch through their nasty stings. Most Texas residents have encountered fire ants at one time or another. They probably have a story about unknowingly breaking up an ant hill, falling victim to seemingly unstoppable stings. They might even just tell you it’s one of the only downfalls of living in our fine state. But it doesn’t have to be! Throw out the homemade concoctions and DIY ant extermination solutions and turn to the experts at Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin for all your fire ant extermination needs in Rollingwood TX.

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