No-See-Um Control

America’s Trusted Choice for Mosquito & Tick Control offers No-See-Um Control, too.

No-See-Um Control Services


You may not see them, but you can feel them. No-see-ums, also known as biting midges or sandflies, are found in almost any aquatic or semi-aquatic habitat in the world. They are swarming insects and make enjoying the outdoors difficult. No-see-ums are best controlled by our automatic misting systems.

No-see-ums, like any bloodsucking pest, ought to be dealt with permanently! These flying bugs carry diseases around with them. One of the most common is a parasite called Leishmaniasis, which is even more common than previously believed. We recommend an automatic misting system for controlling no-see-ums in your yard.

Mosquito Squad® technicians offer multiple services for your outdoor pest control needs.

If you want the ultimate control over outdoor pests like no-see-ums, our automatic misting system will allow you to set it and forget it. Our system automatically delivers a 30-second mist 2 to 4 times a day. That mist takes down no-see-ums, plus other annoying bugs such as mosquitoes, flies and ticks. Our no see um treatment system is as inconspicuous as it is effective. Strategically placed nozzles are connected by unobtrusive tubing to a central reservoir. An automatic timer controls the mist, but you can override it to mist or not mist whenever.

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  • “We literally live in our backyard from April until Thanksgiving. We spend a lot of money to make the yard welcoming and comfortable. We realized what a waste of time and money spent on a yard we ...” - Kelley J.
  • “We get the tick service for our dog. We can’t thank Mosquito Squad enough!” - Darec & Sandy L.
  • “I will NEVER have a summer without Mosquito Squad!” - Jane P.
  • “I am a believer! After one treatment I noticed a huge difference. Huge! Now, after 3 treatments, I marvel at how much time I've spent outside this summer. Thank you for giving me my outdoors back.” - Connie B.
  • “We have been long time customers of Mosquito Squad. We tried another company a few years back, but their product didn't work as well. Not only does the product work and allow us to enjoy the outdoors, ...” - Mary
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