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Say Good Riddance to Gnats.

Are gnats becoming a nuisance in your outdoor living space? The team at Mosquito Squad® is ready to help you get rid of pests so that you can enjoy your outdoor area without any dangers or irritations. We have protected over 300,000 families from pests, and our licensed and trained technicians can help you too. Mosquito Squad is proud to be America’s most trusted pest elimination company. We deliver quality and reliable services—100% satisfaction money-back guaranteed.

How Serious Are Gnats?

Gnats aren’t only a nuisance but a health risk too. Gnats may threaten human health and pets because create unclean environments as they develop, which is how they spread pathogens.There are some gnats, primarily male, that feed on plant nectar, but females feed on blood. Bites are more likely to occur on any exposed skin, and they often cause irritation, itchiness, swelling, and redness.

Gnats may also be found indoors since they enjoy damp spots, like potted plants. If you’re dealing with these pests outdoors, the most effective gnat control methods require the assistance of a pest control professional. The Squad is ready to help you eliminate pesky gnats, so your family can enjoy your outdoor space without irritation and risks to your health.

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  • “I am a believer! After one treatment I noticed a huge difference. Huge! Now, after 3 treatments, I marvel at how much time I've spent outside this summer. Thank you for giving me my outdoors back.” - Connie B.
  • “Bad mosquitoes, best service, mosquitoes gone. It’s like having another room in the house. Happy!” - Linda R.
  • “We get the tick service for our dog. We can’t thank Mosquito Squad enough!” - Darec & Sandy L.
  • “It’s so nice being in the yard morning, noon & evening.” - Pam R.
  • “On time, looked professional and killed the bugs!!!!” - Gloria M.