How to Reduce Bugs in Your Yard After Rainfall

Posted by Mosquito Squad
How to Reduce Bugs in Your Yard After Rainfall

August 10, 2023

After a storm, your yard might look all green and inviting, but it’s also the perfect breeding ground for bugs. At Mosquito Squad, we don’t want these unwelcome guests to ruin your outdoor experience. We not only help control ticks and mosquitoes, but we provide you with tips for keeping your yard buzz-free after a rain event.

Eliminate Standing Water

First, puddles and stagnant water are prime mosquito breeding grounds. You’ll want to make sure to empty any containers, flower pots, pet bowls, kiddie pools, and any other items that can collect water. Another way to keep your yard unattractive to pests is to regularly clean out your gutters and ensure proper drainage to prevent water from pooling.

Trim Any Overgrowth

Be sure to trim any plants near your home’s foundation and keep the grass mowed to reduce hiding spots for insects. Remember, bushes, tall grass, and any overgrown vegetation can provide shelter for bugs. And no one wants that!

Clear Debris

As you’re trimming down plants, make sure you’re picking up leaves, sticks, and any debris that could be creating hiding places for bugs. Regularly rake and clean up your yard to minimize bug-friendly environments. Proper lawncare like fertilizing, aerating, and regular watering can promote lawn health and discourage bugs from making your yard their home. Healthy lawns are less prone to bug infestations.

Additional Tips

You can also opt for outdoor fans. Bugs dislike strong air currents so using outdoor fans can keep them at bay. Also be sure to inspect your home for gaps and cracks that insects could use to enter. Seal any entry points to prevent bugs from migrating indoors. Keep in mind that consistency is key. By maintaining a proactive approach, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest – regardless of the weather.

Consider Professional Help

If bugs still aren’t leaving you alone despite your efforts, consider contacting Mosquito Squad. Our team of highly trained technicians and sales staff can offer you targeted solutions to keep mosquitoes, ticks, and other unwanted pests out of your yard.