Jacksonville Tick Control Tips for the Summer Season

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Now is the time to kick your Jacksonville tick control efforts into high gear.

The summer solstice is on the horizon, but Jacksonville Florida residents are already feeling the heat. Coupled with humidity or rain, our area becomes a tick and mosquito haven. Three days ago, the Florida Department of Health urged Jacksonville and St. Lucie County residents to guard against mosquito and tick bites. Jacksonville tick control and mosquito control Jacksonville are here to do just that.

As summer heat, rain, and humidity begin and the Jacksonville hurricane season starts, mosquito and tick populations can become more prevalent. It is particularly important to take protective measures. Time outdoors increases your exposure to these disease spreading pests.

According to the CDC, mosquitoes are the world’s deadliest insect, and kill more people than any other creature in the world. Again, it is imperative that you take preventive measures and prepare now for you and your family when outdoors, according to health officials.

Tick and Mosquito Control Jacksonville Begins with Good Habits Around Your Home

Rain and humidity produce ideal conditions around your home for potentially harmful pests to thrive. As expert tick and mosquito control providers in Jacksonville, here are a few good practices to keep in force outside your home courtesy of Jacksonville tick control and mosquito control Jacksonville.

Be sure to control pooling or puddling water around your home and yard. You want to keep your exterior areas as dry and water-free as possible. Empty kiddy pools when you are done for the day and drain them in a downflow area so that the water evaporates quickly. And be sure your pool is well chlorinated, and that the pump is working. Agitate ponds and fountains so that the water keeps moving as the constant movement will deter mosquitoes from laying their eggs there.

To repeat – keep it dry when you can and keep outdoor water sources moving and circulating.

Enlist Professional Jacksonville Mosquito and Tick Control

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