Mosquito Control Jacksonville for Protection Against EEE

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A confirmed equine case of EEE in Columbia County puts mosquito control in Jacksonville at the forefront.

Jacksonville, please take note. Mosquito control Jacksonville is something you should seriously consider if your home exterior, landscape, garden, trees, and shrubbery is not currently protected. And that protection for mosquito control Jacksonville is Mosquito Squad.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis has reared its head in one local Florida county, resulting in the death of one horse. According to the Florida Department of Health, typically 1 or 2 human cases are reported each year in Florida. However, our state averages over 60 reported cases of equine EEE every year. In years when conditions favor the spread of the EEE, the number of reported equine cases can exceed 200. And that is why mosquito control Jacksonville is a necessity to protect your home and family from those terribly dangerous mosquitoes that can carry the virus.

The 4-year-old unvaccinated pony mare began showing clinical signs of apprehension, depression, fever, muscle twitching, incoordination, inability to stand, head-pressing, and listlessness 4 weeks ago on May 9.” Test results confirmed the cause as EEE on May 17; and the mare has since died.

Mosquito Control Jacksonville is Your Best Protective Measure

With no known cure in sight, prevention is key for EEE as EEE is not simply a threat to pets and livestock but also to humans. If you own a horse, veterinarians recommend commercially available licensed vaccines against EEE for all horses. Horses should be vaccinated at least annually. It’s not too late this year to vaccinate your horses.

To protect you and your family, contact Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for the mosquito control services that work best for you with these options:

Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment: This primary mosquito control technique in Jacksonville involves treating a proprietary blend that meets both local and federal regulations, targeting areas where mosquitoes feed, breed, and harbor. This proprietary mosquito barrier provides protection for up to 21 days. We can target any outdoor area where mosquitoes feed and reproduce. We suggest hiring our team to return every three weeks for optimum results.

Natural Mosquito Treatment: Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida offers natural mosquito treatment for those looking to avoid synthetic mosquito control. Our natural mosquito treatment in the Jacksonville area is made of essential oils.

Mosquito Control Jacksonville is Your Frontline EEE Protection.

Protect your family, including pets and livestock with mosquito control Jacksonville. Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida offers trusted and effective mosquito control for the prevention of mosquito-borne illnesses. Give us a call at (904) 844-0816.

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