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Aquatic Midge Treatments in Ponte Vedra, St Augustine, Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas including the beaches

Northeast Florida is a wonderful place to live. However, as soon as spring reaches Jacksonville, St. Augustine and the surrounding areas, residents know one thing: the midges are coming. Midges, also known as sand flies or no-see-ums, are tiny mosquito-like flies. These small pests buzz around people and make being outdoors no fun, and their bites can even make stepping outside of a home be an itchy experience!

With the help of Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida, you’ll never have to worry about midges around your home again. Our midge-control barrier treatment attacks bug populations at their source, drastically reducing their presence around your home. Call our team today to find out more about our trusted midge control service. We’re ready to answer any questions that you might have regarding eliminating pests (including midges) from your property. From Ponte Vedra to Jacksonville, Neptune Beach and St. Augustine, our teams are here for you.

Call our trusted Jacksonville midge control experts today at (904) 844-0816 to stop the buzzing pests near your home! We’re ready to schedule your appointment right now.

Do Midges Bite?

Humans aren’t the only creatures who love the water features present throughout the Northeastern Florida. These pesky bugs rely on bodies of water to breed and their populations rapidly increase when the area’s weather is just right for them. That’s why they tend to show up around homes and bodies of water around spring!

Midges don’t bite humans as often as mosquitoes do, but the pests are still known to cause occasional itchy bites. As populations explode throughout Florida, many people find themselves dealing with the itchy repercussions of midge bites. Even when midges don’t bite, these tiny flies have a reputation for annoyingly swarming and buzzing around humans.

How Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida Eliminates Midges from Yards

At Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida, we’ve developed a proprietary treatment formula that is not dangerous for humans and pets but is devastating for midge populations. When you call our team, we’ll send someone to your home to develop a strategy that’s tailored to your home’s needs. We’ll identify areas that midges will thrive in to attack them at their source. Then, we’ll apply a protective barrier around your home that continues to keep pests out.

Making sure you can enjoy the outdoors again is our mission. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that we’ll come back and apply your yard again if you’re unhappy initial results. We’ve helped thousands of families across the nation escape pesky bugs outdoors, and we’re confident that you’ll love what we do!

Call Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida now at (904) 844-0816 to learn more about our midge control services. We serve Jacksonville, Palm Coast, and surrounding areas.


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