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St Johns County mosquito control and outdoor pest control services by Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida.

Families throughout St Johns County Florida can speak to the importance of keeping mosquitoes and other outdoor pests under control in their backyard. Mosquito Squad proudly serves St. Johns County with effective mosquito yard treatment products, as well as exemplary mosquito control services.

We treat yards throughout St. Johns County for not only mosquitoes, but also no-see-ums, fleas, flies, spiders, ticks, and aquatic midges. Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida wants to be your first choice for these specialized St Johns County pest control services.

Mosquito Control St. Johns County Florida

You know the drill. Step outside of an evening with relaxation in mind. Next thing you know, mosquitoes come diving and darting for you. You immediately go back indoors to seek shelter. What’s more, these nasty pests are not simply a nuisance in your backyard. They could be harboring dangerous disease pathogens, including malaria. They could pass parasites to your pets. That’s why Mosquito Squad is committed to providing mosquito control in St. Johns County Florida. The fewer mosquitoes you encounter means the lower your chances of receiving a mosquito bite. This is great news for your health and well-being. All you have to do is enlist the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida, who will deploy an effective mosquito control solution that is right for your needs. With either of our mosquito control formulas, you can expect up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population on your property for up to 21 days between treatments.

In addition to our regularly scheduled St. Johns County mosquito control treatments, we offer special event mosquito sprays.

St. Johns County Tick Control

We want to avoid ticks for much the same reasons as their mosquito counterparts. Though their approach is much different, Florida ticks can be dangerous to your health and that of your family members and pets. Ticks are patient pests, and hang out on tall grasses, undergrowth, and even in your flowers and shrubbery. One tick bite is all it takes to start you on the path to lifelong health consequences. Like mosquitoes, it is more important to control ticks than it is to treat a tick illness. For all these reasons, Mosquito Squad offers proven and effective St Johns County tick control.

Spider Control in St. Johns County FL

Florida spiders are nothing to scoff at. Spiders are some of the universally most-feared pests. For most St. Johns County residents, we would not have to twist an arm to convince them how spider control can be an essential service to maintain their peace of mind outside their homes. Additionally, there are some venomous Florida spiders that we want to try to avoid at any cost. Mosquito Squad’s spider control in St. Johns County FL is a step in the right direction for keeping your outdoor spaces more habitable – to humans, rather than spiders.

St Johns County FL No-See-Um and Fly Control

If you have been a Florida resident for any amount of time, you have likely suffered a painful no-see-um bite. These pests mean business and they leave their nasty bite marks, which can be a painful reminder of the encounter for weeks. There’s no good time to suffer a no-see-um or fly encounter. Flies, though some do bite, are more often spreaders of filth around our homes. Mosquito Squad can help you control these pests around your property with our St Johns County noseeum control and fly control. We’ll seek out infestations, break them apart, and treat your yard to make it the haven it was meant to be.

Flea Control in St. Johns County Florida

Florida fleas are living large and can be a potential problem any time of year. These hardy parasites can multiply at lightning-speed. Once you find a flea in your personal space, you can bet on an army of fleas close-by. Fleas deliver itchy bites, but they can also leave illness behind. Perhaps you think bubonic plague is a disease for the history books, but it’s a modern-day flea-borne illness. Deploy our professional St. Johns County flea control technicians and fight the bite by decreasing your chances of encountering fleas around your property.

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