Does Florida Have a Fly Problem?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Does Florida Have a Fly Problem?

December 20, 2023

Florida environs create an ideal home for biting flies, because they thrive in wetlands, such as areas around swamps, rivers, lakes, and along the coast

Biting flies have become a problem in Florida. They are plentiful, fast-breeding, and they can pass diseases amongst the human and animal population. Flies that do not bite, although they are less of a problem, are also plentiful, and can become a huge nuisance in and around your Florida home. If you have ever had an infestation of non-biting fruit flies, you understand the aggravation of trying to get rid of them. Where there is a fly problem in Florida, there is a fly solution. That solution rests with Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida.

We offer fly and mosquito control in Jacksonville

Based on our years of experience of controlling flies and biting insects, mosquito control Jacksonville experts know how fly control around your home can be just as important as mosquito control, as they bite us in similar ways and have the potential to pass diseases.

How serious is the biting fly problem here in Jacksonville?

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences has helped us define and better understand the types of flies in Jacksonville and why our mosquito control Jacksonville elimination protocol is well suited to help remedy the nuisances these pests bring.

To better understand the scope of the problem, although there are many different species of flies found in Jacksonville, they are categorized as two types: Breeding Flies and Biting Flies.

In a word, Filth Breeding Flies are disgusting as they wallow in waste of all kinds, annoying us and are significant vectors of disease. Filth Breeding Fly larvae are usually found in excrement, decaying vegetable matter, rotting meat or garbage. They are strong fliers and often enter the house in search of food or moisture. They have sponging-lapping mouthparts and ingest only liquids.

As for Biting Flies, mosquito control Jacksonville knows that the most troublesome of these pests that feast on blood include Black Flies, Deer Flies, No-See-Ums, and Yellow Flies. When they bite humans and animals, their bites result in painful and itchy red patches. They are also capable of spreading diseases to both humans and livestock, too, which is why mosquito control Jacksonville champions their elimination.

How does Jacksonville have such a widespread biting fly problem?

In a word, water. Many of the biting flies here cause huge problems since they breed and develop in water near woods, swamps and coastal areas, all of which make up a very large part of our Jacksonville ecosystem. As such, control of these flies is very challenging and residents must rely on flying pest elimination experts like Mosquito Squad to dramatically reduce their numbers and frequency of biting us.

How to Begin Your Jacksonville Florida Fly Control Regimen

Thanks to our tremendous success with mosquito control Jacksonville, Mosquito Squad is here to help protect you, your family, and your yard with our commitment to controlling biting and non-biting pests. Honestly, helping families control mosquitoes and flying pests is easy with Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida. We do all the work, so you don’t have to.

Call on Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for effective fly and mosquito control Jacksonville. Get in touch with us at (904) 844-0816.

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