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St. Augustine Pest Control, Mosquito Control and Flea Extermination

If you are searching for St. Augustine pest control, including mosquito control and flea extermination, call Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for guaranteed solutions.

As a family-friendly historic and beach vacation destination, St. Augustine Florida FL can harbor nasty little secrets. Pests love to make St. Augustine their favorite Florida destination, as well, which is not ideal if you spend any amount of time there. That is why Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida offers guaranteed pest control solutions for your home or business, including spider control, no-see-um-control, and mosquito control. Ditch the itch, swap the swat, and enjoy your property once more without the threat of mosquitoes, no see ums, spiders, fleas, and more!

Mosquito Control St. Augustine FL

It doesn’t matter much if you are swatting at a simple nuisance mosquito or one that could potentially be a disease vector – mosquitoes are annoying at best! Trying to combat Florida mosquitoes with tiki torches and bug zappers are lessons in futility. That is why our St. Augustine Florida mosquito control is so popular. Our mosquito control technicians are experts at identifying the sources of your mosquito problems and eliminating them. They will turn your mosquito-friendly property into a mosquito-less haven of respite, as it should be.

St. Augustine Tick Control

Ticks are common St. Augustine pests, though they do not spread Lyme disease like ticks in the Northeast. However, that does not negate the fact that no one wants to find a tick attached to their body. Additionally, Lyme disease is not the only potential tick bite threat. With other varieties of ticks in our area, there too exists the threat of other, lesser-known tick-borne illnesses. You might not be able to feel a tick bite, but if a tick is attached and not removed properly, a nasty infection could result. Our St. Augustine tick control methods are guaranteed to make your yard a safer place to be, lowering yours and your pets’ chances of bringing a nasty tick inside your home. 

Spider Exterminators in St. Augustine FL

Florida spiders are so common to St. Augustine residents, they might never have considered calling a spider exterminator. But if you are the type that would rather not see spiders about your home and yard, Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida offers guaranteed spider extermination solutions. And like ticks, even if you do not incur illness from a spider bite, you can get a bite site infection. Nobody wants to deal with the potential effects of a spider bite, whether they fear spiders or not. Feel safer at home with our proven effective spider control in St. Augustine Florida!

St. Augustine No See Um and Fly Control

What fly wouldn’t want to live in beautiful St. Augustine? It’s a fly and no-see-um’s dream local, where they can breed and spread and bite and become an all-out nuisance around your home. No matter the type of fly you are swatting at, no one wants to try to spend time outdoors when they are buzzing around. And flies that do not bite are spreaders of nastiness through their filthy habits of breeding on and around animal feces. St. Augustine residents ought to want to avoid filth spreading flies as much as biting flies. Call on Mosquito Squad to provide sensible solutions to your fly problems!

Flea Exterminators in St. Augustine Florida

Fleas can be a concern year-round in St. Augustine, living and thriving around your home and eventually they will infest your interior confines. Are they annoying? Yes. But fleas also pose a potential health threat to your whole family, with the most vulnerable members being your pets. And with pets living in our homes, we too can become a flea’s target. If you are one of the unlucky sorts, who have flea bite allergies, they can wreak a different kind of havoc for you! If you are in search of flea exterminators in St. Augustine Florida, call on the knowledgeable flea control technicians at Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida.

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