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Marcia Cohen Profile Image

Marcia Cohen

(January 8, 2024)

"Jon always is in a professional and positive mode. He has great 👍 listening skills. One of the nicest things he’s done was when my cat ran under the bed and, Jon removed her without a scratch. Jon is a good representative of your company. Marcia Cohen"

Jay Worley Profile Image

Jay Worley

(October 31, 2023)

"This service does the job! I highly recommend to prevent mosquitos so you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces! John is a professional technician and is a quality individual!"

Margaret Parnaby Profile Image

Margaret Parnaby

(July 3, 2023)

"We highly recommend this company ; always very responsive!!!!!"

Don DeStephano Profile Image

Don DeStephano

(December 3, 2022)

"Thank you for reaching out with refund due to treatment that was done before Hurricane Ian and not effective."

Grace White Profile Image

Grace White

(August 9, 2022)

"Mosquito Squad treats my yard every 3 weeks and it has made a huge difference. I opted to be treated for mosquitoes, fleas and spiders. I still get a few mosquitoes (but Hey, this is Florida) in the evenings, but I have not had to use any flea treatment on my dogs in the last year!! That's amazing to me! John is my usual technician and he is great! Very polite, personable, and professional. Never fails to check with me about any problems I may be having or if something special needs doing. Great Company to deal with and great employees. Thanks Mosquitoe Squad!!"

Vicki Kelly Profile Image

Vicki Kelly

(August 3, 2022)

"Mosquito Squad has been so responsive and thorough in helping to eradicate most mosquitoes in my yard! Jon does a super job!!"

Liane Henderson Profile Image

Liane Henderson

(July 27, 2022)

"We called for mosquito extermination but have both been bit several times tonight after the service?"

Sunshine Love Profile Image

Sunshine Love

(July 7, 2022)

"This company and the staff both in office and service technicians are very professional and accommodating to my requests or situations. Their service to my home definitely makes our outside living enjoying and more tolerable knowing we’re not worried about Mosqito attacks!"