FLORIDA RATS - Not a Nice Neighbor

Posted by Mosquito Squad
FLORIDA RATS - Not a Nice Neighbor

December 20, 2023

OH NO – Not Another Pesky Neighbor….It’s bad enough that we have pesky, biting mosquitoes nearly year-round, but did you realize that Florida, especially our summer’s bring increased rat and rodent activity. Rats are much livelier in the summer as they are breeding, looking for food and new nesting spots for their soon to be extended family.

Do you know that each rat typically has a litter between 6-20 pups, their life span is 1-2 years and some even longer. Did you know they are very friendly and social creatures, excellent swimmers, have great memory and their teeth NEVER stop growing which is why they chew constantly even on concrete, plastic and aluminum.

What is really interesting but alarming is that Tampa and the surrounding area is #50 in the entire U.S. for the most rat-infested area.

Rat / rodent risks, species & tips


Rats are generally very destructive but may also pose serious risks that include, illness and waste.

If not properly addressed, they may gain access into your home and chew through pipes, electrical wiring, insulation, and drywall.

On top of potential damage to your home itself, their urine and droppings have an unpleasant odor, may stain furniture, carpet and flooring but it can also flare up allergies and cause respiratory issues, but worst of all they can spread disease not only to you, but your pets too.

Rodents can cause disease through bites but what is more scary is that they can contaminate your food, drink and eating utensils with their urine and droppings, but even just inhaling the dust from their waste can cause illness, especially in pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Florida Rate species

While many of us think that rats are more present in densely populated cities like New York City, Tampa and the surrounding area is #50 in the entire US for the most rat-infested area – now that is SCARY.

The most common rats in Florida are the Norway, Roof and Wood rat. Each is slightly different but all are not “good neighbors” and you certainly do not want them hanging around outside or inside your home.

Tips & Tricks

Prevention is key not only to eliminate them from your property but to prevent them from entering your home. Prevention tips for rats are similar to ‘best practices’ for mosquitos and include:

  • Home Maintenance – Frequently inspect the exterior of your home and repair any cracks in your drywall, garage, roof and flooring.
  • Sealing Entry Points – Ensure your attic, vents, eaves and ducts are properly sealed or protected to eliminate access.
  • Landscaping – Maintain a neat and tidy property. Do not let brush and weeds grow around your house. Trim tree limbs so they do not overhang and touch your roof.
  • Eliminate Food Sources – Do not leave food out overnight, simply discard any pet food at the end of the day. Keep trash in bins, preferably outside of the garage, and away from the home in tightly sealed containers.
  • Adopt a Welcomed Furry Friend – Here is a unique one, try getting and even adopting a cat. Yes, that’s right. Cats instinctively are bred to keep rat populations under control and simply their presence will deter the unwelcomed rat.

What else can you do – call the “squad”

Since rats/rodents are robust and hard to control by yourself, don’t delay, contact Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay to help. We can be reached at 813-502-0505, tampabay@mosquitosquad.com or just simply visit our website at https://www.mosquitosquad.com/tampa-bay/.

The “Squad” can discuss our outdoor Rodent Control services to help you rid your property and keep it free from rats, rodents and the damage and disease they may cause.