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Mosquito Control for New Tampa Residents

Have you just accepted the fact that mosquitoes will always be a problem in your yard? You shouldn’t have to deal with these blood-sucking pests any longer, and Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay can help! We’re your friendly neighborhood mosquito and tick control experts, offering comprehensive and competitively priced solutions that eliminate almost 100% of mosquito and tick species on contact.

As a locally owned and operated company, we care about keeping our friends and family safe from disease-carrying insects. Mosquitoes and ticks can be harmless, but there’s always a chance they’re spreading life-threatening viruses to your smallest and four-legged family members. Protect your entire brood with our EPA-registered mosquito barrier protection treatment today!

Call (813) 534-5918 to schedule treatment and say good riddance to mosquitoes and ticks. 

Do We Have a Mosquito Problem in New Tampa, Florida? 

In 2019, Orkin ranked the worst cities for mosquitoes, and Tampa landed in the 18th spot. Coincidence? We think not. Mosquitoes gravitate toward warm, humid temperatures, the exact climate we experience most of the year. Breeding season is typically from July to August. But in our state, mosquitoes enjoy an almost year-round party. 

Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes in My Backyard?

Are you just about tired of smacking and waving away mosquitoes when you just want to appreciate the beauty of your backyard? Unfortunately, mosquitoes making a home in your outdoor space is likely because you’ve created the perfect environment for them to multiply. 

You can reduce the mosquito population in your yard by:

  • Removing standing water
  • Unclogging gutters and drains
  • Cleaning up excessive overgrowth and yard debris
  • Not leaving out water bowls for animals and birds
  • Treating every part of your yard, not just obvious mosquito resting areas
  • Avoiding ineffective products that don’t get rid of mosquitoes
  • Checking with your neighbors to see if they also have mosquito problems

Remember, the best defense against mosquitoes is a great offense. Our proprietary treatment eliminates up to 90% of mosquito species in New Tampa and creates a barrier around your yard that keeps mosquitoes and ticks out. 

Why Do Mosquitoes Get a Bad Rep?

Mosquitoes’ bad reputation is definitely warranted and deserved. Various species carry deadly diseases and viruses, including Zika, Lyme, West Nile, etc. Male mosquitoes have a lifespan of 6 to 7 days, while females can live up to 5 months with an adequate water supply. And if you haven’t guessed it already, females are the ones that bite. 

Allow our professionals to help rid your yard of these pesky insects, so you can make more memories with the people you love. 

Need a few more reasons mosquitoes aren’t well-liked? Check out the list below.

  • They Are Irritating! Do you find yourself constantly swatting at flying insects? We know you need relief from these irritating invaders, and we’re here to assist you today!
  • They Bite! It’s not uncommon to get skin irritation or a nasty rash from a mosquito or tick bite. Stop covering your skin in the middle of summer and call our team for help.
  • They Can Make You Sick! We can’t stress enough how dangerous mosquitos can be, carrying life-altering illnesses. Let us protect you and your entire family. 
  • They Multiply Fast! Pupae develop into adult mosquitoes in as soon as two days, leaving you very little time to kill them before they mature. We find the source of your mosquito problem and eliminate them on contact. 

Are you looking forward to enjoying your outdoor space this summer? It would be more enjoyable if you had a pest-free yard. Fortunately, Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay has multiple options to make that happen and protect your space for weeks!

With our mosquito and tick control treatments, you get custom plans that:

  • Are unique to your yard – Not all treatments work for every yard. We partner with you to find an option that works specifically for your outdoor space. 
  • Eliminate on contact – We thoroughly inspect your home and backyard to find the main source of your mosquito infestation and treat the area to immediately eliminate the problem.
  • Maintain barrier protection – With our treatments, your yard becomes virtually pest-free for up to 3 weeks. You also get a protective barrier that keeps new mosquito species from setting up shop. 

How Much Does It Cost for Mosquito Treatment in New Tampa, FL?

Pricing will vary depending on the type of mosquito and tick control solutions you choose. We have comprehensive treatments that range from $50 to $4,000. One of the most expensive treatments we offer is our automatic misting system, which averages around $3,000. The cost of our manual treatments depends on several factors, including acreage, labor, and application frequency.

Offering Alternative and In-Addition-To Mosquito Treatment Options

With various mosquito control options, we have something that works within almost any budget and for any yard. Our treatments and products consider your plants, lifestyle, and more. You can rest assured that we’ll make recommendations based on the scope of your needs. 

You can enjoy: 

We Also Offer Tick Control and Other Pest Control Services in New Tampa, FL

Are you fighting off more than just mosquitoes in your backyard? You can count on our highly trained insect control experts to help you take back the outdoors. We apply our EPA-registered treatment that eliminates up to 90% of ticks, fleas, and no-see-ums. 

Blood-Sucking Insects Don’t Stand a Chance. Call Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay Today!

Summer doesn’t have to be marred by the appearance of blood-sucking and flying pests in your backyard. Our local team has years of experience in ridding properties of mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects that threaten your family’s health. We’re not afraid to search for an infestation in the darkest, dirtiest places around your property to find the problem and take care of it. 

Let us preserve your summertime fun with effective and long-lasting treatments you can trust. 

Call (813) 534-5918 to get more information, or request a quote now and give mosquitoes and ticks a proper send-off.


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