Mosquito Control for Carrollwood Residents

Everyone should have the chance to enjoy the great outdoors without the worry of being bitten by a disease-carrying insect. Mosquitos and ticks can transmit life-threatening diseases, including Lyme disease, Zika virus, Malaria, and more. Can you imagine having to be hospitalized because of a bug? We can’t either.

That’s why Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay is your trusted provider of mosquito and tick control treatments for residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to help you reclaim your front and backyards, so you have no problems gathering with friends to celebrate the beginning of summer or a momentous occasion.

Our customer-focused team in Carrollwood treats lawns with various customizable options that suit your needs. We have natural treatment, automatic misting systems, etc., to ensure you’re not bothered by blood-sucking pests while you enjoy the beautiful weather. 

If you’re looking for a mosquito and tick control company with your needs in mind, call Mosquito Squad at (813) 534-5918 to schedule an appointment today!

Is There a Mosquito Problem in Carrollwood, Florida? 

There are several mosquito species in Carrollwood, with 75 in the state alone. We would categorize that as a significant problem for local residents. Because we understand the severity of the mosquito issue, we use treatments that kill larvae before they mature. 

Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes in My Backyard?

Mosquitoes are attracted to backyards that may have been neglected or are prone to flooding in some areas. You can help eliminate the mosquito population in your yard by understanding the environment and conditions they find most desirable. 

If you have a mosquito problem, it’s likely because:

  • You have standing or pooling water.
  • You have clogged gutters and drains, causing water backups.
  • You have excessive overgrowth and yard debris.
  • You constantly have bowls of water sitting out for animals and birds.
  • You haven’t treated mosquito resting areas.
  • You’ve purchased ineffective products.
  • You’re using ineffectual tactics to get rid of mosquitoes.
  • Your neighbors also have a mosquito problem, so it’s not an isolated incident.

Outdoor Mosquito Treatment That Works

When you trust Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay for pest control support, we have various outdoor treatments that can eliminate mosquitoes for up to 3 weeks or 21 days. You have access to custom plans depending on what you want to accomplish. Our licensed team in Carrollwood works with you to design a treatment program that fits your lifestyle, your plant and flower varieties, and the specific mosquito or tick infestation you’ve been dealing with. We offer comprehensive treatments that add a protective barrier and eliminate mosquitoes on contact. 

We Ensure You’re Satisfied with Our Workmanship

Your satisfaction is our priority. It’s what keeps you coming back to allow us to support your yard. It’s what compels you to tell others about our services. These are the reasons we value your satisfaction so much. We want you to always inform us if you aren’t happy with our services. Please let us know within 21 days of your treatment (which is enough time to determine if the treatment was successful) to inform us of any issues. 

Offering Alternative and In-Addition-To Mosquito Treatment Options 

Our EPA-registered treatment is only one option available to our customers in Carrollwood. We offer alternative solutions and add-on services that give you full protection from blood-sucking insects when you need it most. 

Natural Mosquito Treatment Option

When you choose our natural repellent treatment, you’re opting to protect your plants from harsh chemicals and keep mosquitoes at bay. 

Automatic Mosquito Misting System 

Are you tired of having someone come out to treat your yard? With our automatic mosquito control misting system, you can program your treatments at your convenience and still get weeks of protection. 

Special (One-Time) Event Mosquito Treatment

You shouldn’t have to make room for unwanted insects at your outdoor wedding or family reunion barbeque. Let our team provide a one-time special event treatment to eliminate mosquitoes so you can enjoy the day with people you love. 

Mosquito Treatment for Commercial Establishments 

Commercial buildings deserve the same level of mosquito and tick control as any residential property. After all, your customer base should be able to make it through the front door without being eaten alive by flying insects. 

We Also Offer Tick Control and Other Pest Control Services

We’re not just mosquito control experts. We’re also specialists in controlling ticks and fleas to protect your smallest and four-legged family members. 

Why the Carrollwood Community Trusts Our Mosquito Control Experts

Our services are centered around making our community happier and healthier. Our neighbors see the care we put into perfecting our treatments, so they last longer and are more effective at killing more than mosquitoes. You can rest assured that when you trust our team, you get superior quality solutions that give you peace of mind.

Call Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay at (813) 534-5918 and discover why mosquitoes and ticks can’t stand us.



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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