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School’s Out – Benefits for Kids & Teens to Play Outdoors

Posted by Mosquito Squad
School’s Out – Benefits for Kids & Teens to Play Outdoors

December 20, 2023

School is out and I bet kids are ready to enjoy the summer recess. As parents, are you aware that scientific evidence indicates that it is actually important and healthy for infants, kids of all ages and teens to play outside? Read on……

Health Benefits for All

Spending time outdoors has several physical, health and development benefits that include:

  • Interpersonal & Social Connections – Encouraging kids and teens to put down their electronic devices and go outside will encourage interpersonal social connections with other kids, teens and adults. They can even make new friends.
  • Physical Fitness – Getting outside to play a game of soccer, frisbee, football, basketball, etc. will increase physical endurance and decrease the odds of developing obesity which we all know presents various health risks. It also will help develop social skills, promote teamwork while learning a new sport.
  • Mental Health & Learning – Playing outside promotes curiosity, learning and reduces stress and depression. They will have a change in their daily routines and may want to explore and learn more about nature, the environment, plants and flowers and the like - a nice compliment to traditional schooling techniques that takes place indoors.

So now you may ask, what are some ideas and activities to consider, encourage and arrange?

Ideas & Activities

For infants, take them outside, throw down a blanket, blow some bubbles and let them smell the fresh air, flowers and listen to the birds chirping.

For smaller children arrange a playdate with their friends and neighbors. Make a picnic lunch, picnic blanket and read books on nature and provide crayons and coloring books. This will enhance reading skills and offer both children and parents opportunities to form friendships.

For teens and kids of all ages, arrange outdoor movie nights, make a BBQ and some popcorn on the lawn and even host a pool party. You can also host fun tournaments, like a backyard obstacle course, corn hole and host an outdoor sleepover.

Now that you have some basic ideas on the health benefits of playing outside and some activities, you just need to ensure your outdoors are free from mosquitoes and other pesky biting insects.

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