Do Mosquitoes Stay Away from Salt Water?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Do Mosquitoes Stay Away from Salt Water?

December 20, 2023

Mosquito control in St. Johns is not aided by salt water. Are saltwater mosquito control products effective?

Back in 2020, researchers found that would-be mosquito control products that claimed to kill mosquitoes via saltwater ingestion, were completely ineffective. The makers of those so-called mosquito control St. Johns solutions should be ashamed of themselves. Residents in St. Johns County and throughout coastal Florida areas know that the existence of salt water does not keep mosquitoes away from their homes. That’s downright ridiculous. Whether it’s a saltwater marsh, river, or estuary, mosquito eggs can be deposited in any of them! If there is water, there are mosquitoes. It’s that simple.

According to the Entomological Society of America, a recent study by a bevy of expert mosquito researchers offers an important warning to consumers: Products claiming to reduce mosquito populations with salt-water solutions are ineffective. In a series of lab tests using nine mosquito species, researchers found no evidence that adult mosquitoes are killed by salt ingested at concentrations used in several popular mosquito-control products.

There is a real public-health threat from mosquito-borne disease, and having unsubstantiated claims out there may have real consequences for the health of people in areas plagued by mosquitoes. So beware of false mosquito control St. Johns claims. Follow the wisdom of Mosquito Squad.

Mosquito Control St. Johns Begins with You

Good outdoor maintenance habits are the first steps in creating a mosquito-less haven around your home. Your mosquito control St. Johns expert sums it up quite nicely, so heed the call and be proactive:

Tip: Tip over items that collect water in your outdoor spaces. That includes water in your child’s plastic toys, areas underneath downspouts, plant saucers, or dog bowls.

Toss: Reduce moisture collectors such as excess grass, leaves, firewood, and grass-clippings from your yard as they retain the moisture that mosquitoes love.

Turn: Further reduce outdoor moisture sources by turning over larger yard items that could hold water, like children's portable sandboxes, plastic toys, or birdbaths.

Remove Tarps: Be sure that outdoor tarps are taut and tight so that residual water doesn’t collect and create a mosquito hotbed,

Take Care: Take care of home maintenance needs that can lead to standing water. Clean out gutters, make sure downspouts are adequately attached, keep your grass cut low, and check irrigation systems for leaks.

Team Up: Be mosquito control St. Johns aware. Share these insights with your Fruit Cove neighbors to make mosquito infestations a thing of the past.

Treat: Most importantly, subscribe to a mosquito elimination barrier treatment around your home and yard.

We’ll Finish Strong with Professional Mosquito Control in St. Johns

Now that you have the foundation on how to keep mosquito control St. Johns at the forefront of true mosquito avoidance, follow up your outdoor maintenance efforts with highly effective St. Johns mosquito control! Select the mosquito control St. Johns option that is the best fit for your family and lifestyle.

With a proven heritage of 17 years under our belts, Mosquito Squad invented a new form of defense against mosquitoes call the Protective Barrier Treatment. Customers love the treatment so much that we have done it over 2 million times since! Our treatment plans are designed to help you get through mosquito season, and our one-time sprays are perfect for protecting guests during a special event. With Mosquito Squad, you’ll see up to a 90% reduction of St. Johns mosquitoes.

In addition to our Protective Barrier Treatment and one-time-sprays, we also offer Natural Mosquito Protection to ensure that all of your mosquito control needs are met.

Don’t waste your time on hocus pocus saltwater voodoo. Turn to the pros at Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida today for mosquito and tick control in the greater St. Johns area.

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