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Mosquito Control Services for Outdoor Dining Venues

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Jacksonville area residents have no shortage of outdoor dining options. Restaurant owners and managers, take heed. We have mosquito control services that will elevate your guests’ experiences!

From field-to-fork dining to biergartens and the best barbecue in town, restaurant owners and managers understand the appeal of a great outdoor dining venue. The problem is, humans are not the only animals that are attracted to your restaurant patios. Mosquitoes can be a huge nuisance to your patrons. Mosquito Squad of Jacksonville is here to help!

Outdoor dining spaces and outdoor diners here in Jacksonville have been fortunate to enjoy alfresco dining restaurant patios protected by mosquito control services. And since the pandemic somewhat altered our restaurant seating choices, the popularity of outdoor dining is now more popular – and requested – than ever before.

As restaurateurs expand and improve their outdoor dining patios, the smart ones are adding expert mosquito control services to make sure that their dining patrons stay off the menu for those awful blood sucking mosquitoes.

Why Do Mosquitoes Frequent Your Outdoor Venue?

As much as we hate female mosquitoes looking to ingest our blood meal at all times of the day, they sure as heck come out in droves at dinnertime. When the sun isn’t hot, and slightly cooler temperatures prevail, that’s their prime hunting time.

It’s more that metaphorical and ironic that mosquitoes come out at dinner time. They can use lighting to navigate directly to their dining patio guest blood targets. They are attracted by some of the things your guests are consuming that increase CO2 – our body gas that sends the “Fresh blood source here” alert to mosquitoes looking to further their species.

Choose the Best Mosquito Control Services for Your Restaurant Patio

Perhaps you have tried bug zappers, candles, and sonic mosquito control devices to protect your patio guests from pests with little to no success.

Consumer Reports has issued warnings about ultrasonic devices that claim to emit high-frequency sounds that are too high for humans to hear but are just the right frequency to drive mosquitoes away. The trouble is, there's no proof that they work. The FTC has investigated several sonic repellent makers for false advertising. So forget about those wiz-bang technology come-ons for mosquito control services.

It’s time you get in touch with Mosquito Squad of Jacksonville for custom-tailored mosquito control services for your outdoor venue – mosquito control services protection that really works.

Every 21 days, during the daylight hours before your outdoor dining traffic starts, Mosquito Squad mosquito control services will guard your outdoor dining patio and surrounding areas with the most effective mosquito control available anywhere.

Our revolutionary mosquito control services barrier treatment will blanket the area with a mosquito guard that will keep them away, giving you – and your dining patrons – the comfort of knowing they can enjoy their food and drink without fear of a mosquito attack.

Call on Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for customized, effective mosquito control services for your outdoor venue. Get in touch with us at (904) 844-0816.

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