Mosquito Control in Jacksonville is Near, This Device is Not It

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Mosquito Control in Jacksonville is Near, This Device is Not It

December 20, 2023

Mosquito populations in Florida are nothing to scoff at. A device that touts 20 feet of protection is not the answer to mosquito control in Jacksonville.

Mosquito control devices are insufficient for many reasons. Many do now work at all. Others offer mere anecdotal evidence of their protection against mosquito bites. The same goes for other would-be mosquito control products, such as those claiming to eliminate mosquitoes via saltwater ingestion. Even if a device is proven effective, one like this gives new meaning to the term mosquito control near me.

Remember the “skeeter beater” tennis racket devices on the market?

A hand-held mosquito zapper, also called an electric fly swatter, is a piece of hardware. It looks a lot like a small tennis racket with a handle and a large paddle area. It uses the same insect killing process – electrocution – that you’ll find in a stationary bug zapper that you hang outside. But this is a fully manual device. It doesn’t attract bugs; you have to swing the racket to hit and kill them.

So we ask you, do you really want to be a re-invention of Serena Williams each and every time you venture outdoors? We think not.

Mosquito Control in Jacksonville is Not a Product Shipped to Your Door

Effective Jacksonville mosquito control does not come 2nd day delivery in a box. However, Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida brings mosquito protection services right to your door!

Our research identified 5 electric hand-held bug zappers that can kill mosquitoes and other insects by electrocution. Imirror, Nobug, ZAP IT!, mafiti, and Faicuk all claim to be effective to some degree. But what do the reviews say about their effectiveness?

Here are the “Con” reviews from Best Reviews.

Imirror: “The base is lighter than expected and may be knocked over by a stronger breeze.”

Nobug: “Makes a loud noise when shocking insects, which may be inconvenient.”

ZAP IT!: “ The electrified grid is rather large, so it is possible for smaller insects to slip through without a hit.”

mafiti: “Some users do not like that there is no on/off switch, as soon as you press the trigger, it is live.”

Faicuk: “These are not as strong as other models, and may require a second swat to finish the job.”

So here is the Million Dollar question – despite these shortcomings, what are you going to do…carry it around with you? No way, Jose.

Don’t believe the mosquito control device hype. Call on Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for trusted mosquito control Jacksonville. Get in touch with us at (904) 844-0816.

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