Mosquito Control Could Help Quell Meningitis Outbreak

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Mosquito Control Could Help Quell Meningitis Outbreak

December 20, 2023

Florida health officials advised that we have surpassed the five-year average for confirmed cases of meningitis. Mosquito control could help slow the spread.

Boy, oh, boy. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, health officials are now warning residents to familiarize themselves with symptoms of meningitis in the midst of an outbreak. Mosquito control St. Johns knows full well that viral meningitis is the most common, and can be caused by disease pathogens resulting from a mosquito or tick bite.

Viral meningitis is an infection of the fluid that surrounds a person’s spinal cord and brain. There are many types of viruses that can cause this disease, including common stomach viruses. Occasionally, children with mumps virus or herpes virus can develop meningitis. But most significant according to mosquito control St. Johns is that mosquito-borne viruses also account for cases of viral meningitis each year. In many cases, no specific virus can be identified as a cause for meningitis disease. And that is alarmingly scary.

Common symptoms of viral meningitis include *high fever, headache, general tiredness, and a stiff neck. Other symptoms can include rash, sore throat, and vomiting. Viral meningitis is usually relatively mild and unlike bacterial meningitis is rarely fatal. In babies, the symptoms include fever, fussiness, crying, swelling of the soft spot on the baby’s head, refusing to eat and difficulty waking up. Symptoms typically last 7-10 days.

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*If you are experiencing potential meningitis symptoms and/or have been bitten by a mosquito, seek immediate medical attention.