Is Hiring a Mosquito Control Company Worth It?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Is Hiring a Mosquito Control Company Worth It?

December 20, 2023

If you wish to spend time outdoors without the constant worrying over mosquito bites, hiring a mosquito control company is a worthy investment.

Here in northeast Florida – especially Jacksonville – a mosquito control company is worth its weight in gold.

If you hate mosquitoes as much as we do, we’ll most likely become friends for life.

For starters, eliminating those tiny insects will protect us from the diseases they spread – like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Zika Virus, Malaria, Chikungunya, and Yellow Fever. And after suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic, Lord knows these diseases are the last thing we need now.

And then there is the gross horror when we catch one biting us, sucking out our blood so they can reproduce. Are you kidding me?

Catch one in the act and smack it, no sooner to find blood dripping down your leg, neck, arm – wherever they feast.

Having them fly and circle around your head and face is no picnic, either. That annoying and persistent buzzing is enough to get on your nerves bigtime.

And Heaven help those of us who are allergic to the bites. Where can we be safe? Who can we turn to?

The answer is the original mosquito control company, Mosquito Squad.

Which mosquito control company is worth your investment?

As is often the case,the original of anything is usually the best. With us, that is definitely the case. Locally-owned and operated Mosquito Squad of NE Florida will work to earn their clients’ trust continuously, not just by eliminating up to 85% - 90% of the mosquitoes on their property, but by being a source of invaluable information about ways they can protect their own yard between sprays.

Our impeccable 20-year reputation reaffirms our mission to protect and be proactive. We do this with our effective outdoor elimination sprays administered by our highly-trained technicians, who also help physically make yards less friendly to mosquito-breeding by identifying and eradicating potential breeding areas.

Just search for mosquito control near me and give us a call!

It’s easy to get on our regular mosquito yard mist rotation. It simply takes a phone call and an initial visit to get a mosquito control plan underway, whether it’s our traditional barrier control formula or our natural solution.

Our traditional barrier control mist eliminates up to 90% of mosquitoes on contact and its effectiveness lasts for up to 21 days, when we return to your yard and treat it again.

Our natural solution is also very effective in mosquito control. It repels those harmful insects with essential oil blends for a non-synthetic treatment that also lasts 21 days.

And should you be planning a special outdoor event away from home, our special event sprays will ensure the comfort and safety of your guests with a long-lasting, odor-free barrier mist.

Ready to hire a mosquito control company to help allay your worry over nasty mosquito bites? Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida provides effective mosquito control near me. Call (904) 844-0816.