Choosing Between Screen Enclosure and a Misting System

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Screen Enclosure or Misting System - Which is Better Against Mosquitoes?

Florida weather… what words do we use to describe it? Hot, wet, unpredictable? And yet Florida is where we live and we want to be able to enjoy it. Whether it’s time by the pool in the summer months or that amazing cooler breeze that comes in as the heat calms down, our time outside is irreplaceable.

However, the mosquito and midge population can make outdoor time miserable if we let it. Mosquitoes love hot, wet weather. Midges are in huge abundance near the water. So how do you enjoy your outdoor spaces and not let these pests ruin your good time? Screen enclosures sound like a great idea and maybe your neighbors have one and are happy with it, but at Mosquito Squad of Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra, we’d like to give you a little food for thought when it comes to choosing a screened enclosure or lanai over our mosquito misting system.

Mosquito Misting Systems

Knowing exactly what it is would be the place to start. Misting systems are a network of nozzles placed strategically in your yard, set to automatically emit our mosquito barrier treatment. Four times daily it lets out a treatment and also comes with a remote so anytime you need just a little extra, it’s right there at your fingertips. At Mosquito Squad of Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra we install, refill, service and winterize the systems for you.

Is This Better than a Screen Enclosure?

We certainly think a mosquito misting system is a better option than a screen enclosure and let us give you a few reasons why: 

  • Misting systems allow you to use your entire yard. If your only mosquito protection is a screen, then you are stuck within the boundaries of that screen. That leaves a lot of wasted space and eliminates activities. You can’t really play ball in a screen, can you?
  • Enclosures can block your view. Part of the beauty of being outside is just that… the beauty. Who wants a wooden beam cutting through their sunrise?
  • Screens just aren’t as pretty as an open garden or fountain area.
  • Hurricanes! We hate to even mention them, but everyone knows they can be a reality here. And in heavy winds, the screen could be the first to go. Misting systems are more cost-effective and are less susceptible to damage from a storm.
  • And really… do screens even keep the bugs out? All it takes is a little hole or a handful of kids running in and out and you’re going to have the mosquitoes (and other pests) screened in with you.

Mosquito Misting systems give you a freedom that screened in areas and lanais just can’t provide, all year round. At Mosquito Squad of Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra we want you to enjoy the entire yard, not just a small piece, pest free. Call us today. 

Do you already have a screen enclosure? If so, our clients with screened pool enclosures report that because of our mosquito control services or misting systems they not only get to use their entire yard freely, but they also enjoy fewer spiders making homes in the corners of their screens!

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