Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Me So Much?

mosquito bites on a neck

Have you ever wondered what makes you a bigger target for blood-thirsty mosquitoes?

On your worst day, when the blues have you down, it’s no comfort to know that the one living thing that will always love you is the mosquito. There is actual science behind what makes you – and all of us –mosquito bite victims.

Mosquitoes can find us via the colors we wear. Researchers used a 3D tracking system and a wind tunnel, along with visual and scent clues, to test mosquito biting behaviors, concluding that the pests are more attracted to people wearing red, orange or black clothing. They also tend to ignore green, purple, blue and white.

Mosquitoes can target us by the odors and smells we emit. Mosquitoes searching for a meal of blood use a variety of clues to track down humans, including our body heat and the carbon dioxide in our breath. Now, research shows that a certain olfactory receptor in their antennae also serves as a detector of humans, responding to smelly chemicals in our sweat.

Mosquitoes prefer to bite those of us with Type O blood. Three years ago, a study assessed blood type preference in mosquitoes. They did this by providing samples of different blood types in separate feeders. It was observed that mosquitoes preferred to feed from the type O feeder than the other feeders.

Mosquitoes love to bite us when we enjoy foods we love. Here are the top 4 foods that can make us a mosquito main course.

1. Beer: That’s because drinking beer increases the ethanol content in your sweat. Since ethanol is a pretty big mosquito lure, this means that mosquitoes will flock your way.

2. Bananas & Avocados: Both foods are rich in potassium. Consuming potassium leads to a production of lactic acid, which is also a known mosquito magnet.

3. Salty Foods: Here, too, salty foods also increase the production of lactic acid, once again making you a big-time mosquito magnet.

4. Ice Cream: Guess what? Lactic acid, again. Dairy consumption = lactic acid in our bodies.

Whether You Are a Major Mosquito Bite Victim or Not, You Need Jacksonville Mosquito Control

It only takes one nasty mosquito bite to put you in harm’s way. Whether that bite results in a simple itchy lesion or a potentially fatal mosquito-borne illness is up to the mosquito. Every bite is a gamble on your health or that of a family member, including your pets.

But all is not lost. With the right mosquito control, you can kiss those miserable, lousy insects goodbye.

Protective barrier treatment mosquito control is the golden ticket. Every 21 days, Mosquito Squad mosquito control with apply a fogging spray that eliminates mosquitoes on contact – and continues working for 3 weeks. The beauty of subscribing as a regular client is that you never have to worry about missing a mosquito control treatment. Our expert application team will be there when they need to be. You’ll never have to remind us.

If you prefer a non-synthetic mosquito control treatment, our naturalsolution is for you. Although it is applied the same way as our protective barrier treatment mosquito control, the fogging blend is created from essential Earth-friendly oils that mosquitoes hate.

So, while we cannot change your body chemistry, or choose your clothing for you, we can help protect you from mosquito bites with guaranteed mosquito control. Get in touch with us at (904) 844-0816.