Does the Florida Tide Affect Mosquito and Midge Breeding?

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We know that mosquitoes and midges lay their eggs in water. Rainy seasons bring about more of both pests.

But how do the moon and tide affect their breeding habits? Well, your mosquito control near me experts at Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida have some answers. A prime mosquito breeding area is a mangrove swamp or wetland. On any given day, you will see pools of smelly salt water on mud flats and under mangrove trees at low tide. However, these pools of water are quickly swallowed up again on the next high tide.

These pools rarely dry out and will not breed mosquitoes. However, further away from the water’s edge are areas that are only inundated with water in the event of a ‘king tide’. King tides happen generally once per month, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the moon. Once a king tide has encroached these areas and subsided, the water will not be flushed out by the next high tide, as it will not reach this point again until the next king tide. This creates pooling of water and providing the adult mosquitoes have laid eggs in this area, the mosquito eggs will hatch and develop into adult mosquitoes which then take to the air looking for a blood meal.

Interestingly enough, it is not only a tide that can trigger a breeding cycle. A significant rain event can also make the mosquito population boom in just the same way as a king tide does, but with fresh water. Rain effects freshwater breeding areas also, such as low lying grassy areas and puddles around your local neighborhood, not to mention container breeding mosquitoes which lay eggs in everyday objects like buckets and old tires which then fill with rain water and act as nurseries for larvae to develop into adult mosquitoes.

No Matter the Tide, Choose Mosquito Squad for Mosquito Control Near Me.

The quote goes, “Time and tide wait for no man.” Therefore, do not delay calling on Mosquito Squad to be your Jacksonville mosquito control company. Because king tide, high tide, or low tide, mosquitoes are thriving in our area.

Time and tide equals the need for treatment – the barrier control treatment from the mosquito control near me experts.

If mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant water on a neighbor’s property, yard maintenance alone may not sufficiently reduce the mosquito population. This is where our Traditional Barrier Protection Treatment works its magic – establishing a protective border to help prevent mosquitoes from migrating into your yard.

For continued mosquito protection, your mosquito control near me specialists will treat your property every 21 days. After setting up an automatic plan, you will receive reminders of upcoming services and visit notifications each time we treat. It is not necessary to be home during application – just let us know beforehand so that our technicians can safely access your property.

Call on Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for mosquito control near me throughout the Jacksonville Florida area. Get in touch with us at (904) 844-0816.

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