How Do Professionals Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

Mosquito On Fingertip

Mosquito control professionals are not magicians. They are trained and experienced in creating and maintaining the least-friendly mosquito habitat around your home.

Mosquito control services may seem like magic, but they are not. They are highly specialized, not simply based on training and experience, but also on the region in which they provide their services. Only a true mosquito control professional can guide you to your mosquito-less outdoor haven around your Jacksonville area home or business.

Here’s What Professional Mosquito Control Services Include

Getting rid of mosquitoes is not a one-and-done process in the Jacksonville Florida area – or anywhere for that matter! These resilient creatures just keep coming, and so we must maintain a treatment regimen.

1. Making outdoor spaces less friendly to mosquito breeding: The mosquito control magic here is eliminating standing water outdoors at every opportunity. Here’s why. Most female mosquitoes take a bloodmeal approximately once per week, so keeping to your own weekly schedule of dumping and draining should help you keep ahead of the mosquito life cycle. Look for standing water that may become a larval hotspot in the stuff you have lying around your yard, for example:

• Tires

• Plastic recycling

• Plant pot saucers and empty urns

• Tarps as well as grill covers, pool covers and outdoor furniture cover

• Toys

• Buckets and beach pails

• Pet bowls

• Coolers

• Bottle caps

• Corrugated drain-pipe extensions, the kind used to divert rainwater away from your house

2. Applying an EPA-registered insecticide or natural mosquito control formula: Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida offers an naturalmosquito treatment for the finest mosquito control service. Our naturalmosquito treatment in the northeast Florida area is made of essential oils. While it is applied in the same way as our most popular mosquito treatment, it will repel mosquitoes for up to 14 days.

3. Recommending the optimal schedule for re-application of the chosen mosquito control product: With Mosquito Squad mosquito control services backyard protection, we will apply our effective mosquito control treatment around your home and backyard to keep mosquitoes away every 21 days. However, your technician might recommend a more frequent schedule that better suits your needs.

4. Recommending specialty sprays for events, if necessary, between re-application sprays: With summer comes an abundance of outdoor celebrations like outdoor weddings and family reunions. Don’t let buzzing, biting mosquitoes ruin your special day. Our special event treatments will keep mosquitoes off your guest list. Prior to your outdoor party, we’ll lay down a barrier treatment that controls mosquitoes. We invented this mosquito control services system in 2005 and have used it over 2 million times to help party planners just like you. It is designed to comply with local and federal guidelines, and all ingredients are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency

Trust Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for highly effective, professional mosquito control services, offering guaranteed protection since 2005! Get in touch with us at (904) 844-0816.