The Secret to Quality Mosquito Control

Posted by Mosquito Squad
The Secret to Quality Mosquito Control

December 20, 2023

What do Mosquito Squad technicians actually do out in your yard when getting rid of the current mosquitoes and preventing future outbreaks?

We are trained online and out in the field so we are more than ready by the time we are scheduled to protect your outdoors. Past being certified with Kentucky’s Department of Agriculture, we continue to educate our team on best practices for providing our barrier with our expert Entomologist, Dr. Kevin Chan.

It takes more than the average joe to apply a careful and strategic barrier. There is more than meets the eye when protecting a property from mosquitoes and ticks. It all starts before the product is even filled in the backpack blower.

Before Any Mosquito Elimination

We look to remove any standing water on the property when we arrive before eliminating even one mosquito. If we can reduce the sources where mosquitoes are harboring to breed and feed, we can significantly reduce the possibility of any infestations or sudden increases that will cause bites.

After inspecting the yard for sources and potential breeding sites, we want to carefully treat by misting areas that mosquitoes like to hang out. This starts with mindfulness and safety. We are always on the lookout for people using their outdoors or workers on the clock. Even though our product is non-toxic, we don’t want to surprise anyone with our blowers.

Then we strategically target where the mosquitoes may harbor or rest. This is going to typically be shady and dense foliage that is located near hang out areas for people. They ultimately need us and our blood to survive so they will prey on our outside areas that are used the most.

We want to apply our barrier where mosquitoes are hanging out and as well as areas that they may use in the future. Our barrier will protect for up to 3 weeks and then we will need to reapply. We want to be as thorough as possible as we are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a sudden increase anytime in between scheduled treatments, we will revisit and inspect for sources with a complimentary treatment.

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes may not be so secret anymore but we hope that this can go a long way in the fight against the bite. Mosquitoes can be dangerous and we are here to prevent bites from happening wherever we can. 

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