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The fight against mosquitoes starts with a partnership, and we would love to form one with you. Our goal at Mosquito Squad of Lexington is to provide solutions for our neighbors so that as a city, we can reduce the chance of bites that can lead to the spread of disease. We are a mosquito control company that not only helps our city take back their outdoors but also educates for a healthier tomorrow. We provide effective tick and mosquito control services to families in Lexington, Georgetown, Nicholasville, Winchester, Versailles, Danville, Richmond, and surrounding Kentucky communities. The only good mosquito is a dead mosquito—and we’re here to make sure that happens!

We bring the benefits of Mosquito Squad’s innovative Protective Barrier Treatment. Over 300,000 families have turned to this treatment to have a bite-free season. Our service eliminates up to 90% of bugs from your yard and then continues to keep additional ones out for up to 21 days. Here at Mosquito Squad of Lexington, we specialize in Mosquito Control Barrier Protection, Automatic Misting Systems, Tick Control, and Pet Protection. We know that you’ll love what we do and back all our claims with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy, we will fix the problem at no extra cost to you. Call today for a free estimate at (859) 955-8037.

For professional tick and mosquito control, give us a call at (859) 955-8037 or contact us online today.

Meet Our Team

  • photo of Adam Craven
    Adam Craven Technician Manager
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    Adam Craven

    Technician Manager

    Adam was born in Missouri & raised in Lexington. He enjoys spending time boating & listening to music. His quick tip to reduce insect populations is to walk your property often and look to minimize any standing water.

    “Looked over all the places in our yard that are potential sources for mosquitoes! Focused on spraying those! Very pleased!” - Olivia S

  • photo of Derrick Yazell
    Derrick Yazell Lead Technician
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    Derrick Yazell

    Lead Technician

    Derrick was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky so he is extremely familiar with the mosquitoes here. His number one tip against mosquitoes is to double check drains are sloped correctly to ensure all water exits.

    “We're very happy with our experience with Mosquito Squad! Derrick has done an outstanding job past several treatments.” - Clay O.

  • photo of Chris Lowery
    Chris Lowery Technician
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    Chris Lowery


    Chris was born in Lexington and raised in Nicholasville. He is enjoying his first season with the Mosquito Squad. Chris has been playing funk bass guitar for 15 years.

    “Very professional. Very polite, seemingly knowledgeable. We were both very impressed!!” - Charlie S

  • photo of Daemian Osborne
    Daemian Osborne Technician
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    Daemian Osborne


    Daemien loves his mustang and enjoys taking joy rides with the top down when possible. Daemien lives in Nicholasville with his growing family and recommends checking for clogged gutters.

    “They did an amazing job!! Thank you so much!! Letting me know they were here, so I can dog up :), letting me know what they were doing, about how long it would take and when to let the dog back out!!! Thanks again for the amazing job!!” - Roger F.

  • photo of David Jones
    David Jones Technician
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    David Jones


    David enjoys spending time with family especially when it involves being outdoors. Camping and hiking are always in the future.

    “David was fantastic. Would love to have him do all of our work if possible.” - Richard E.

  • photo of Matthew Hrabar
    Matthew Hrabar Technician
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    Matthew Hrabar


    Matthew is from Missouri but resides in Nicholasville currently. He enjoys time off in his backyard relaxing. Fun fact about Matthew, he has been diagnosed with Malaria twice.

    “Great work and very professional as always” Carter C

  • photo of Ryan Gilpin
    Ryan Gilpin Technician
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    Ryan Gilpin


    Ryan is originally from Nicholasville but now resides in Wilmore. He enjoys camping and playing badminton in his backyard.

    “He really sprayed everything unlike other mosquito companies in the past that I have used he took his time and made sure to spray thoroughly ... I didn't speak to him personally because I was asleep before he started but I'm sure if he put that much effort into my yard even when someone could potentially not be home he is a great employee !” - Ashley F.

  • photo of Sawyer Jackson
    Sawyer Jackson Technician
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    Sawyer Jackson


    Sawyer was born in New Orleans and grew up here in Lexington. He enjoys hanging out with friends and playing sports. Sawyer wants to pass along that cutting the grass often helps prevent ticks and fleas.

    “Sawyer Jackson was just by and he did a very good job missing nothing. Thx Mr Jackson!” - Gary Lee S.

  • photo of William Whetzel
    William Whetzel Technician
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    William Whetzel


    William was born and raised in Frankfort, Kentucky. Off the clock he enjoys skateboarding at nearby skateparks.

    “The three technicians who showed up today did an excellent job. They explained what they were going to do and did it thoroughly and well.” - Hallie B.

  • photo of Xavier Brown
    Xavier Brown Technician
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    Xavier Brown


    Xavier was born & raised in Lexington. He enjoys playing football, hanging out with friends & having a good time. He recommends not over watering when it comes to irrigation.

    “It is all on my review! Now, I just need to see how well it works in the next few days. But I was already planning to write you about how professionally Xavier Brown was this morning! I was VERY impressed!” - Charlie S

  • photo of Carmen Eby
    Carmen Eby Office Representative
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    Carmen Eby

    Office Representative

    Carmen has spent her first season with the Squad perfecting her ability to find out what our customers need most. When she is not on the phone with one of our happy customers Carmen enjoys hiking and camping as well as giving back to the Lexington community. Carmen spends a lot of her time volunteering where she is needed.

    “There is nothing negative to say about this business. I can tell it’s run by very efficient and community centered employees. Plus not getting the bites or itches is what makes them worth it to the last penny! Best mosquito service in the area, hands down!” - Christian J

  • photo of Adam Eby
    Adam Eby General Manager
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    Adam Eby

    General Manager

    Adam was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky and now resides in Nicholasville. He enjoys working with his family here at Mosquito Squad and spending time outdoors after business hours. Adam has over 8 years experience in responsible pesticide application/operations.

    “Fast & friendly service. I called around to a few different mosquito places, mosquito squad went above and beyond. If you’re looking for a quality outdoor treatment with great service, call Mosquito Squad today. Ask for Adam!!” - Garret D.

  • photo of Kevin and Jackie Eby
    Kevin and Jackie Eby Owner
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    Kevin and Jackie Eby


    Kevin and Jackie met in grade school up in Northern Indiana. After graduating from Purdue in Engineering, Kevin took a job that eventually led him and his growing family to Lexington, Kentucky. Mosquito Squad came about as an opportunity for the family to be involved together and help build a company that seeks others first.

    “The "squad" takes extra care to cover potential wet areas behind my house even though the green space is technically not in my yard. I appreciate that. I happened to be home today and saw the excellent coverage.” - Terry P