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    "Great service!"
    David always comes to the front door to let us know what he was spraying and to keep the dogs inside for and hour or so after he sprays. He’s always nice and courteous! Thank you
    "David Jones, the technician that treated my lawn today, was very professional, through and friendly. If I could request him every time, I would!"
    David Jones, the technician that treated my lawn today, was very professional, through and friendly. If I could request him every time, I would!
    David Jones, technician
    "Great service"
    Fantastic job always!
    Super nice guy. Hey was working alone today and did an awesome job. Actually feel a better job was done this time, than when he has someone working with him.
    Mark King
    Wonderful service, Adam C was highly professional, prompt, very kind, and incredibly knowledgeable! I highly recommend Mosquito Squad!!!
    Great service as always and their product works great. Highly recommend. Thanks.
    Jim K.
    Always on time and makes our wedding days great! no mosquitos!! you know its getting done right when no one complains about getting bit by mosquitos. :)
    Made sure the whole yard was sprayed and protected!
    Olivia S.
    Good communication. Appreciate his thorough attention to detail.
    Anastasia C.
    David was fantastic. Would love to have him do all of our work if possible.
    Richard E.
    Adam was fantastic! He even called me and offered some advice about my gutters. Thank you Adam.
    Keith J.
    Mosquito Squad is always prompt and courteous on every visit. William is fantastic!
    Weve been using the service for about a year and can really tell a difference. The technicians are professional, prompt, and always take time to explain the treatments and what to expect. I would recommend this company to anybody considering pest/mosquito control services.
    The technicians are always prompt, professional, and courteous. They do a great job.
    Susan K.
    Very professional discussion of the issues and treatment of the property. I would be very happy if was the person who always came here. I gave him 5 *s on Google review.
    Charlie S.
    I wasnt able to be home at the time but Derrick spoke with my sister and made sure to ask about any questions or concerns. Knew what he was talking about and got right to the job. I appreciate that!!
    The two technicians were very polite and professional! I appreciated them coming the next day after I called requesting an extra treatment.
    Leslie B.
    Thank you for taking great care of our property. We know all our wedding parties and guest appreciation it!
    Roger & Lori F.
    David was friendly and polite, also informative. Request you send David every time we are due for treatment.
    These guys are the best! I called today just before 8 am and they were here before 10!
    I have been using mosquito squad for years and they have always been very accommodating to my schedule with various events at our barn!
    They did an amazing job!! Thank you so much!! Letting me know they were here, so I can dog up :), letting me know what they were doing, about how long it would take and when to let the dog back out!!! Thanks again for the amazing job!!
    Roger & Lori F.
    The technicians are always very professional and thorough in their application for mosquito control. They also provide me suggestions to make my yard better.
    David was very PROFESSIONAL and courteous, as all the mosquito squad technicians are!
    Donna M.
    Did a great job making sure all problem areas were adequately treated!
    Olivia S.
    A job well done! First application, it poured rain about 3 hours later...they came back to retreat at no cost to me...very professional in every aspect. I will definitely have Mosquito Squad come back in the spring!
    Very friendly, told me exactly what they would be doing. Up font about pricing and how often they would be coming. Very knowledgeable
    Sarah Beth N.
    I typed it onto Google already. He was great on all levels. It is very impressive what high quality people work for you all from all the technicians to the young lady that does the phone and 'runs' the office. All are 5*!!!
    Charlie S.
    Had used another local company that did not solve our flying insect issues. Switched and things are great.
    Earl and Korbie B.
    Mosquito Squad is always prompt with service. We have not had any issue with mosquitos this summer!!
    Kim & Matt H.
    The "squad" takes extra care to cover potential wet areas behind my house even though the green space is technically not in my yard. I appreciate that. I happened to be home today and saw the excellent coverage.
    They are always friendly and willing to make a deal on the services, Ive used them 2 years now and very satisfied with it!! They guarantee their services, & will come back out if needed! Derrick was really professional, & friendly and explained everything with me!! Will definitely recommend and use again for mosquito seasons to come!
    Sawyer Jackson was just by and he did a very good job missing nothing. Thx Mr Jackson!
    David was prompt and professional, asking if I had any other concerns regarding my yard treatment. He did a thorough job, took time to answer my questions and made sure I was completely satisfied. I definitely recommend using Mosquito Squad - ask for David!
    Very nice young man, he told me he likes coming to my house and look at my flowers. We talked for a while about the landscaping. I told him I look forward to his next visit and we can discuss the next wave of blooming flowers.
    Mary H.
    We have used Mosquito Squad for the past several years and are extremely pleased with all aspects of their services. Our past two treatments have been performed by Derrick. Hes done a fantastic job and has promptly called ahead of time to ensure our gate is unlocked. Thank you for looking out for the safety of our pets by emptying the water bowl! Would highly recommend Mosquito Squad to anyone.
    We’re very happy with our experience with Mosquito Squad! Derrick has done an outstanding job past several treatments.
    Clay O.
    Xavier was prompt and professional, and Did a thorough job on my yard.
    Our first treatment.... everyone has been pleasant and professional.
    Marsha C.
    Guys were quick and covered the whole place. Knowledgeable too.
    Very professional. Very polite, seemingly knowledgeable. We were both very impressed!!
    Charlie S.
    Always super helpful and check in with us before and after service!
    Bethany P.
    I was VERY impressed with how professionally William Wetzel did the treatment service and discussed the issues with our property concerning mosquitoes.. I will of course know more about the results in the next few days, but at this point, I couldn't have asked for more quality.
    William was great! Explained why I saw an uptick in mosquitos and thoroughly sprayed my backyard.
    Anna F.
    Tech was very polite and explained everything completely. He also listened to my concerns and responded. Great job!
    Barbara T.
    The three technicians who showed up today did an excellent job. They explained what they were going to do and did it thoroughly and well.
    I love my summer without mosquitoes. Best thing I ever did. Mosquito squad rocks
    He was patient while I let my puppy out to potty before and he was quick and respected our privacy even though our blinds were open.
    Billy took the time to walk the yard and learn the areas of importance to us. He was easy to talk with, but still professional.
    Excellent, he waited to start while I let the dogs out. Very polite.
    Derrick was very polite. Listened to my concern and was very thorough with his treatment.
    Alec showed up right on time and was very professional and did a fantastic job with respect to covering our large yard.
    Derrick done a great job. Professional and courteous. Wonderful employee who seems to enjoy his craft.
    My tech was Adam he was polite and thorough. No mosquito's last week until 8/15
    Very professional. Pointed out several ways that I was enhancing my mosquito problem. Very knowledgeable about the smallest details that that normally wouldn't be thought about. They were great!
    Two years ago we couldn't seat outside without being eaten up with mosquitos bites. We have been using mosquito squad and we can now enjoy out back and front yard
    Consistently excellent.
    Bettie V.
    Always great!
    Dennis & Michaela D.
    They came and sprayed my yard and left.
    Lucinda Woolums
    The Mosquito agent was nice, knocked at the door and polite.
    Krissy L.
    Another good job!
    Karen E.
    Bye Bye Mosquitoes! The Mosquito Squad Team has been awesome. Every technician who has treated my yard has been very polite and top notch. It's worth every penny for me to be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting bit or contracting mosquito borne diseases. I'll gladly use them again next year.
    The tech was spot on
    Randy M.
    reliable and dependable for 2 seasons. No issues at all
    Jackie G.
    I cant say enough about Mosquito Squad. They always let me know when they spray and how long it should dry before letting my dog out. Then the most important part is that I haven't had even one Mosquito bite.
    I love it . Can finally set outside and not be eaten alive. Thank you, mosquito squad!
    Friendly, courteous and professional.
    David and Peggy L.
    This team was professional, friendly and courteous. Thank you!
    David and Peggy L.
    Perfect as usual
    Billy was fantastic. He was also very polite and professional. Mosquito squad is the way to go!
    Billy with mosquito squad was a pleasure. He showed up on time and was very polite and went above and beyond to treat our property! I wouldnt Recommend anybody else.
    Quick and easy. Informative tech, now will wait and see if the mosquitos are gone
    Kyle T.
    Great job, always on time and courteous. Alex and Billy did a great job. Highly effective, mosquito free!
    Great guys
    Constance H.
    I recommend their service. If there is a problem they will take care of it asap.
    Alisha R.
    The tech focused on the areas of concern and walked me through the process.
    Mosquito Squad works with me to avoid harming bees, by not spraying flower beds, while applying their eco-friendly barrier. I have received no mosquito bites during this time. I am most appreciative of them working with me on this effort.
    Love Mosquito Squad!
    Fazey M.
    I have had two treatments from Mosquito Squad, and, so far, I am VERY happy, satisfied. I cannot tell you the day-and-night difference it is - professionalism-wise - working with MS vs. Steve Hillenmeyer's MA. You would not believe what outrageous/unprofessional behavior I have captured on my cameras from those... A big thank you to Adam, and all of the MS family and team for a job (so far) well done. Pleasure to work with you. Sorry about the C & R from the HHL HOA which prohibits signs in the yard. Sign or no sign, MS can rest assured that I am spreading the word. And I know a few people - hopefully, they will move in your direction. Thank you again, and God Bless! RMW
    Roy W.
    Alec is a very pleasant, courteous & professional young man. I am grateful for the good work he did. I want to thank Adam for looking after the Wallers @ 1601 HHLANE 40502. Stay well & be safe!!!
    Roy W.
    We are very happy with the mosquito squad! We sit outside A LOT. No bugs it is great!
    Your employee was extremely professional and knowledgeable and took the time to point out and explain some of my problem areas around my yard. Thank you!
    Zack F.
    Easy to reach, quick follow up & treatment of my property.
    Friendly, courteous.
    It worked great and the staff is friendly and informative !! They did a great job thank you so much!!!
    The guy who did our lawn was fantastic. He came and discussed what he would do which included not only spraying but also putting pellets down where insects breed.
    Robert B.
    Quick and efficient
    Charles K.
    Before we hired Mosquito Squad we couldn't sit outside at our lake house without getting eaten alive. Since Mosquito Squad has been treating our yard we have'nt had another problem.
    This service makes it possible for me to actually spend time in my yard.
    Brooke J.
    So impressed with the service and professionalism of the men who do the spraying.
    On time and fixed our problem. No bites this summer
    Patricia C.
    The tech had a mask and was on time. Excellent job.
    Angela & Bill P.
    They do a great job we can use our deck in the evening without getting eaten alive. Great service well worth the Money!
    Roy W.
    Mosquito Squad maintains a high level of professional service at all times. The servicemen are prompt, efficient, responsive to questions and remain friendly. Would definitely recommend.
    Nice people. Effective treatments. Competitively priced. Billy is an excellent communicator and goes out of his way to accommodate special requests and provide outstanding service.
    Very respectful and professional!
    Donna M.
    I like being able to sit on my patio and love the fact that I'm not getting bit. One thing I like is if I have problems they will come out for free and respray.
    I switched this year to Mosquito Squad from a competitor I had used for several years. I am glad I did as the customer service has improved in leaps and bounds. I'd like to also give a shout out to Billy & Alec who recently treated my yard. I asked them a question about treating a shrub, they listened intently to my questions, and responded with good information. When I asked them to treat the shrubs anyway, they said they would be glad to and did so immediately. Good customer service involves listening to your clients and responding. Billy & Alec did both very well.
    Quick and curtious.
    Glenn W.
    Great & prompt service. The technician, Alec, treated it like it was his own yard. I highly recommend this company.
    Have had several companies provide this service before. By far, best hands down. They seem to actually care if they do a good job or not.
    Our service rep did an excellent job with good coverage of all possible skeeter areas! 😬
    Brenda H.
    The Yong men are Great; I was concerned that my cats were in the yard and I couldn't get them in. The guys assured me that the solution they use will not harm my animals. I was also concerned that my grandchildren have toys outside that collect water and would it harm them. They assured me all was o.k. Alex & Derrick: Professional, Informative & Nice
    Mrs. Jones
    Good job!
    Sooksai K.
    Billy and Alec were great. Thank you!
    Susan M.
    Love Mosquito Squad. Their treatments really work great. Can live in the back yard without getting eaten alive. Always prompt, very courteous. Techs Alec & Billy are always very nice. Said if we had any problems feel free to call them and they would make it right. But they are thorough, never had any issues. I highly recommend Mosquito Squad they make summer nights easy to enjoy. Thanks.
    Great Service, allows us to enjoy the summer outside without getting eaten alive. Techs Alec & Billy were super nice and courteous. Highly recommend using Mosquito Squad, the treatments work like a charm. Thanks James K.
    James K.
    The technician is very nice, curt IOU’s and professional!!
    Loretta H.
    No bites!!!
    John L.
    Wonderful experience! Very nice and professional. They always let me know they are here. They make sure my dog is inside before spraying. No mosquitoes!!! Excellent!
    Great job
    Danny T.
    We are enjoying our backyard. Thank you.
    Paul W.
    There were 3 techs that came out to my residence showed professionalism and friendliness. The application was applied with true care for my family. I have used other companies in the past that were no where near as quality driven as this company seems to be. So glad to have them
    Adam and the guys were great. Completed my residence with professionalism and were very thorough on the application. Keep up the great job!!
    I love being able to enjoy my yard and deck throughout the Spring, Summer, & Fall without being concerned about getting eaten up by mosquitoes!
    Wonderful service, Derrick and Billie are highly professional!
    Quality work! Billy and Derrick provide the best service. :)
    They have amazing service and great people. Specifically Billy and Derrick, they do amazing work.
    I have several flower gardens and they avoid spraying them. They hit the grass around them. They are efficient and thoughtful, and the mosquitoes dont light on me!
    I recommend Mosquito Squad to everyone! I have been using them for 3 years. I started using Mosquito Squad because my daughter wanted to have her graduation party at home and I was so worried about space and wanted to use outside. We used Mosquito Squad and had no mosquito and had a great party!!! Thank you Mosquito Squad. 
    Billy is a great technician who always takes care of the customer and does an amazing job treating.
    This is the second year we have received Mosquito Squad's natural repellent. I could not work, or rest, outside without it. In previous years, other companies' applications depleted the number of bees in our yard. The bees returned last year.
    The treatment works great almost immediately. Our new backyard was almost unusable before mosquito squad due to the amount of mosquitoes. But now we can enjoy it and relax without getting bit!
    Scott C.
    Great customer service! Very responsive to emails and follows up quickly!
    Mosquito massacre they didn't stand a chance. Quick service for a more then fair price!
    Great company and excellent service. Mosquito Squad went above and beyond to ensure that I had no issues as far as having no mosquitoes that my family had to deal with. Billy Nesbitt was very professional and courteous when engaging me with any and all questions I had as far as making sure that I could have my family with me over the holiday weekend so that we could enjoy each other's company without the hassle of being harassed by any mosquitoes. I would definitely recommend their services to my friends and family. I would hope that any other companies that I had to encounter for services would be as professional and thorough as this company is and I could only hope for such a comfortable experience with their service technicians as I had with Billy Nesbitt and Mosquito Squad.
    Great company! Adam creates a professional work environment. Derrick is a great worker and is very detailed applicator!
    Very thorough in spraying all areas of my yard. I can't wait to get to enjoy my yard again.
    Very professional, fairly priced, Adam truly cares about his customers
    Great service and the treatments allow us to enjoy our yard to the fullest!!
    Loretta H.
    Always professional, Thank you so much!
    Donna M.
    The best in the business. Fast, friendly, efficient, courteous. Simply the best
    Christopher C.
    Appreciated you all coming in and taking care of everything on the property. Thanks!!
    Darren T.
    2nd service and very impressed! Efficient and we have had no issues so far!
    Meredith H.
    Great set of employees. Wonderful service and an effective product.
    Jim & Cathy H.
    This was our first time using Mosquito Squad but I'm excited for the rest of our treatments. The person who came to spray was quick and efficient!
    Meredith H.
    This was my first application so we will see what happens but customer service was great very polite and explained everything answered all my questions.
    Scarlett C.
    Yes very good job, thank you