Perfect Treatments make Perfect Technicians

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Perfect Treatments make Perfect Technicians

December 20, 2023

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.

Here are a few of our favorite local improvements that represent invention as a result of the 2020 necessity of protecting our Mosquito Squad Family from an epidemic that was front of mind to every human on the planet:

  • Green Light Strategy
  • Setting expectations for a perfect treatment
  • Two way texting for better communication
  • Separation of service from payment
  • Cleanliness ( wiping down touch points, removing touch points, retooling our filling process )
  • Home and Garden Show with masks and no handshakes
  • Remote workers working from home ( standards for perfect, 24 hour response for complimentary treatments, longer season )
  • Higher inventories to absorb changing lead times and shortages

All of these changes to our systems and processes have allowed us to increase the number of treatments per technician per season.

At the Mosquito Squad of Lexington, we don't think there is any better measure of the future of our business than the experience of our technicians.  We believe that perfect treatments make perfect technicians. Our growing number of Customer Five Star Reviews will be the ultimate measure of our ability to know better, do better, and complete the perfect treatment.

For these reasons, we will be grateful for the 2020 necessity of keeping a distance from our customer while completing a perfect treatment in their outdoor space.

We can't wait to see what the practice of perfect technicians in 2021 produces in terms of improvements for us in 2022.