Local Family Business Builds Experience

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.

Many years ago, when our son suggested that our family purchase the Mosquito Squad of Lexington from the previous family, we were eager to make a difference by improving the process efficiency and delighting the customer base with the most experienced set of technicians in the industry for our area.  It made a world of difference for us to know that we would be starting our first season with an experienced pair of technicians to train more technicians.

This season, as we are delivering record numbers of treatments before and after our peak midseason outdoor holiday, we are fortunate to have one of those original technicians with us through all the years of expansion.  He has completed his college education and has built the technician capabilities at a steady pace such that we now have six technicians that are on pace to complete a full season with us.  Of those six candidates, three stand out with these accolades that are the highest of any technicians in the area we serve with a passion:

  • A technician that has completed more full seasons of mosquito and tick treatments (Experience)
  • An operations manager that completed more treatments in any four year period. (Leadership)
  • A technician that completed more treatments in the last two years. (Excellence)

This midseason milestone represents a turning point for our business that will allow us to absorb new workloads through July and August as our worthy rivals attempt to provide similar service through the hottest portion of the season with less experience.

In the office, which includes our daughter, we have now expanded from one person who has covered the last four seasons to a team that has been able to handle multiple simultaneous calls and send out proposals as the season progresses.  We can't wait to see what this experienced team will be able to do next year.

If we are able to retain the experience from both sales and production, the complete customer experience from the time a customer joins the Mosquito Squad Family to the end of one guaranteed mosquito free season after another will be easier for us to achieve.  If we can continue to improve the best experience year after year, we know we will have earned our good reputation.