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Gnats and mosquitoes can be categorized by many as the two most annoying creatures. They buzz around your feet and face as if you are a movie star and they are the paparazzi. The gnats gather in swarms, causing a face full if you are out playing yard games and don't spot them. There is nothing more difficult than getting a splattered gnat off your tongue or out of your nose. If it isn't mosquitoes causing you to abandon the corn hole game, it is the gnats chasing you out of the yard to huddle around the citronella. 

At Mosquito Squad of St. Louis Metro East, we have been reducing mosquitoes for years. You'll enjoy up to an 85-90% reduction in mosquitoes when you hire us. More backyard fun can be had by all even without stinky repellent and sneeze-inducing candles. 

But that doesn't help you become less annoyed by the gnats.

Gnats DO Bite!

Gnats reproduce quickly and in high volume. This makes this particularly hard to get rid of. They also are so annoying and so small – they can be mistaken for mosquitoes, especially when they bite! Yes! You read that right. Female gnats feed on blood – just like female mosquitoes. So that ankle-biting you think you feel while out on the lawn – is real and REALLY annoying.

Gnats are also dangerous. They live in dirty environments that are damp (such as bushes, shrubs, and tall grass). Their hiding places and rapid multiplication make them challenging to reduce. They also love your potted plants – and can even make it a home and multiply quickly within your house.

If gnats are bugging you! Pun intended. It is time to call Mosquito Squad of St. Louis Metro East and ask for the Yard and Shrubs Pest Control Package.

When our expert pest control team arrives at your home for a yard and shrub service, we focus on your trees, lawn, and shrubs. Our full-coverage treatment means that in addition to mosquito and gnat reduction, you will also enjoy fewer other creepy crawlies that make your lawn and shrubs their home.

Sign up for our Yard & Shrub Package today by calling our team to request a quote and get on the schedule! We look forward to serving you.

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