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Fight Mosquitoes & Ticks With Your Columbia Mosquito Control Company

Mosquitoes and ticks are two bugs that you don’t want hanging around your yard. With the potential for spreading disease and just being an overall nuisance, you need a Columbia mosquito control company to help you take care of the problem. Doing mosquito control right is not an easy job, and you’ll find that not everybody who does it does it well. Mosquito Squad is a reliable and professional source of mosquito and tick control – serving the St. Louis area for twenty years.

Effective Mosquito Control Barrier Treatment

Few things ruin your evenings outdoors faster than mosquitoes buzzing around your head as you try to enjoy time with friends and family. At Mosquito Squad of St. Louis Metro East, we can help you take back your outdoor living space with mosquito control barrier treatment.

We apply our proprietary treatment to your entire property. You’ll enjoy 85-90% mosquito reduction for up to 21 days. Our mosquito technicians will pay special attention to areas where mosquitoes tend to hang out, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Whether you’re looking to keep the mosquitoes away for the entire summer or simply want them eliminated for a special event, Mosquito Squad can take care of the problem for you. We offer special event mosquito control to help you ensure that the risk of mosquitoes ruining your party to a minimum.

14-Day Mosquito Control Treatment Option

In addition to our signature barrier mosquito treatment, we also provide a 14-day treatment composed of a proprietary blend of essential oils. This treatment is best when applied every 14 days and will reduce mosquitoes by 80-85%.

If you’re looking for DIY mosquito control solutions, be sure to take a look at the 7 T’s of mosquito control.

Fend Off Ticks With Our Columbia Tick Control

Ticks are not typically as much of a nuisance as mosquitos as they aren’t buzzing around your face. However, it’s still best if they’re not around. These tiny insects can bite you or your pets and spread tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF).

In order to effectively reduce the risk of ticks in your yard, we apply our Columbia tick control using a two-pronged approach. First, we apply our proprietary barrier treatment to reduce adult ticks. This tick control treatment is applied to your entire yard, including favorite hiding places of ticks. We then reduce tick larvae before they can emerge as nymphal or adult ticks. This prevents ticks from growing into reproducing adults – effectively limiting tick population growth.

Learn some ways you can limit ticks in your yard by following the 6 C’s for tick control.

Contact our Columbia Mosquito Control Company

Our mosquito and tick control treatments are EPA registered and will reduce the risk of ticks and mosquitoes ruining time in your yard. We know how you want to return to outdoor living, so you can comfortably return to your yard just 30 minutes after our treatments are applied. This gives the application enough time to dry and still provide the necessary protection against mosquitoes and ticks.

Mosquito Squad St. Louis Metro East is your best choice for all of your outdoor pest control needs, especially mosquitoes, ticks, and gnats. Our mosquito barrier treatment reduces mosquitoes by 85-90% with a time-released formula that lasts up to three weeks. Call our team today to request a free quote for the best Columbia mosquito control services at your home or business.

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