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Mosquito Squad wants to be your first choice for outdoor pest control in Edwardsville Illinois. We offer treatments for mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, rodents, and more.

After a long, cold winter, most everyone in the Midwest is ready to get outdoors again. Spring and summer are filled with backyard fun like barbecues, yard games, and family fun. However, that fun can be diminished quickly with swarming insects like mosquitoes. Take back your backyard with Edwardsville pest control treatments from Mosquito Squad of St. Louis Metro East. Here at Mosquito Squad St. Louis Metro East, mosquitoes are our focus. We can help control outdoor bugs and rodents around your Edwardsville home or business. 

Edwardsville Mosquito Control: Treatment for Mosquitoes That Works

You should be able to enjoy your yard anytime you want. Letting mosquitoes become a factor on when and how you use your favorite outdoor spaces is no longer necessary. Simply call Mosquito Squad your local Edwardsville mosquito control company.

Say yes to professional mosquito control treatment. Say good riddance to citronella, stinky repellents, and choosing your landscaping based on mosquito deterrence. And enjoy an 85-90% reduction in mosquitoes on your property with Mosquito Squad’s original mosquito barrier treatment.

Our highly trained technicians pass rigorous training for proper pest control applications. By blasting the time-released formula into the shrubbery, they create an invisible, odorless barrier that continues reducing mosquitoes for up to three weeks. As mosquitoes land on the underside of vegetation where they prefer to rest, they come in contact with the product and are eliminated.

One-Time Mosquito Treatment Edwardsville IL: Party On

Don’t forget to include Mosquito Squad of St. Louis Metro East in your outdoor event planning. From weddings to family reunions to public events, such as festivals and concerts, call on Mosquito Squad for a one-time special event mosquito treatment. Our experienced pest control technicians will arrive at your venue one or two days in advance of your event, so our mosquito control treatment can get to work long before your guests arrive!

Choosing Mosquito Squad St. Louis Metro East is a no-brainer. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Not thrilled with the results? Call our team within 21 days, and we’ll treat again at no additional charge.

In addition to unleashing our mosquito pest control on your property, we encourage you to review our 7 Ts of mosquito control for tips on reducing the mosquito habitat on your property. 

Mosquito Control Edwardsville: Options for Everyone

In addition to our traditional barrier mosquito treatment, we also offer a natural mosquito control treatment as well as one-time special occasion services. Ask our team about these options when you call to request your mosquito control quote.

Edwardsville Tick Control: Reduce Creepy, Blood-Sucking Ticks

Certainly, mosquitoes are quite prevalent and the most annoying summer pest, but there are other dangerous creepy crawlies.

If you’ve ever encountered tick embedded in the skin of your dog, child, or yourself, you know exactly how disturbing it can be. And while the gross factor is hugely important, ticks also spread hazardous diseases.

While Lyme disease is the most well-known tick disease, Edwardsville ticks are more likely to spread other diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF), Bourbon virus, or Heartland virus. With our Edwardsville tick control, you, your family, and your pets can enjoy your yard to the fullest with a lower risk for tick bites. 

Together, our barrier treatment and tick tubes can interrupt the tick life cycle by hitting them around your home and at their home. Our tick tubes extend your tick control to a year-round effort.

Don’t inadvertently let your yard be a refuge for wayward ticks. Follow the 6 Cs of tick control to improve your yard and attract fewer ticks.

Edwardsville Pest Control Packages: Worth Your Investment

Mosquito Squad of St. Louis Metro East is pleased to offer specialized packages for a variety of pest control needs. These Edwardsville pest control services offer the same great service and the same customer satisfaction guarantee as any of our services. Our pest control packages help control outdoor pests around your yard and around your home or business to help keep bugs out of your personal spaces, including inside your home. They additionally defend against pests, such as flies, cockroaches, and invasive pest species, like Asian lady beetles.

Rodent Control Edwardsville: Rodent Bait Stations

Leave your Edwardsville rodent control to the pros at Mosquito Squad of St. Louis Metro East. Our rodent bait stations program is ideal for homes and businesses in Edwardsville IL and the surrounding St. Louis Metro. No more messing with traps, poison pellets, or those terrible sticky pads. The only thing you have to do is call Mosquito Squad. We’ll install your bait stations, and service them every two months for continuous rodent control.

Search for Edwardsville pest control company and contact Mosquito Squad.

Mosquito Squad of St. Louis Metro East is thrilled to offer Edwardsville pest control, including mosquito control, tick control, rodent control, stink bug control, and more. We service homes and businesses in the area. From mosquitoes and ticks to gnats we are your ideal choice for outdoor pest control services. Contact us today at (618) 221-5139 or by filling out our form online.



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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