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Ticks are right up there with spiders and millipedes when it comes to the gross factor. However, ticks are worse in that they actively seek to latch on to feed on your blood. They have an advantageous way of embedding themselves, making it almost impossible for them just to fall off. This attachment makes it very difficult to remove ticks safely from you, your kids, or your furry friends. All of this disgusting annoyance and they are dangerous to boot. Professional tick control is something to consider if you'd like to reduce your exposure to ticks, tick bites, and tick-borne diseases on your property.

What is Tick Control Treatment?

american dog ticks
American Dog Ticks

At Mosquito Squad St. Louis Metro East, we take a two-pronged approach to reduce our clients' tick

First, our traditional barrier treatment eliminates adult ticks on contact. So, treating the entire yard is the first step. Our highly trained technicians know all of the favorite hiding places for ticks. When you request tick control, they will give special application attention to areas such as the base of retaining walls, areas where the brush is thick, or there are leaf piles.

Secondly, we get at the root of the problem with tick tubes to reduce tick larvae before they emerge as nymphal or adult ticks. Tick larvae nest with mice to feed on the mice and transform into the next stage of their life cycle. By providing mice with treated materials to build their nest, we effectively eliminate ticks at their second life stage by the hundreds if not thousands.

What is a Tick?

There are about 850 different species of ticks. Ticks are arachnids. They have eight legs and are related to spiders. However, they are also parasites. They rely on blood meals to transform from one life stage to the next and nourish egg creation and reproduction. During their four-stage life cycle (egg, larva, nymph, & adult), ticks can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a pencil eraser.

Where Do Ticks Like to Hang Out?

brown Dog Tick
Brown Dog Tick

Ticks prefer moist, cool, shady areas. They hang out under shrubs, in tall grass, in leaf litter, and in thick underbrush. Ticks may also spend time along the shady, damp area near a retaining wall or woodpile. To reduce tick-friendly areas in your yard, take a look at the Six Cs of Tick Control for essential tips.

How Do Ticks Arrive on My Property?

Ticks are parasites and travel from place to place on mammals. The most common way they make it from one property to the next is by feeding on deer. Once they feed for a few days and are fully engorged, they fall off in the location the deer happens to be at the time. One of the best ways to keep ticks off your property is to keep deer off your property.

What Types of Tick-Borne Diseases Are We At Risk for in the Belleville/Edwardsville Areas?

Lyme disease is the most well-known tick-borne disease. It is common in the Northeastern United States and in the Northern portion of the Midwest. While Lyme is present in the St. Louis area, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Heartland virus, and Bourbon virus are more prevalent.

Deer Tick
Deer Ticks

If you're looking for tick control near me, and you're in Western Illinois. You've come to the right place. We are pleased to offer tick control and mosquito control services to Belleville, Collinsville, Edwardsville, and all Eastern portions of the St. Louis metro area. Call our team today to request a free estimate. We offer season-long treatment options, so you can set it up with our team and let us take it from there.

We look forward to helping you take back your yard.

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