Are you a mosquito farmer?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Are you a mosquito farmer?

July 3, 2019

Many of us like to grow things in our gardens. From flowers to fruits and vegetables or herbs and spices. There is a great feeling knowing that the tomatoes on your plate came from your hard work. You may even post a picture of that beautiful zucchini on Social Media. But you may be growing a different crop; one that you may not even be aware of.

Mosquitoes. Yes, you may well be a mosquito farmer. And it is a crop that takes absolutely no effort at all to grow.


“You are crazy,” you say. “Why the heck would I grow those pests when I don’t even want them around me?” Truth is, you may not even know you are growing this abundant crop. Let me explain.


Mosquitoes grow in standing water. As little as a cap full ( and you know how tiny that is) can be responsible for 10s of 1000’s of these vicious creatures. Think about this: After the last rain, are there any places where standing water is waiting for eggs to be laid? Places like planters, toys, tarps, etc? You may be a better mosquito farmer than you think. Did you go through after the rain and tip out everything?


Once, at a customer’s house, we found an old coffee cup in the bushes that was holding water. It was so far in there that it couldn’t be seen without getting right into the bushes. At another house, there was water in a tree. A knothole was teaming with larvae. Do you know those basketball hoops that have the base filled with water to weigh it down? If a mosquito can find a way in to lay eggs, she will. We’ve seen it.

We know that life is busy, but keeping standing water around will ( not might, but guaranteed to ) grow more mosquitoes. The best thing you can do is eliminate the standing water on your property. And, of course, call us to come out to treat your property. Between us, we will get the job done. Mosquitoes are not a crop you want to proudly share on Social Media. That’s for sure.