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Ranveer Basra Profile Image

Ranveer Basra

(May 24, 2024)

"Mike G was very friendly listens and did the job right. Thank you"

Adam Peck Profile Image

Adam Peck

(May 22, 2024)

"So far so good!"

Elena Tweedy Profile Image

Elena Tweedy

(May 21, 2024)

"Very friendly, very fast and very professional! Highly recommend!"

Greg Bachmann Profile Image

Greg Bachmann

(May 17, 2024)

"Tim came to my house on 5/14/2024 to perform the second scheduled mosquito spraying of the season on my property. I received a text message 30 minutes in advance of his arrival. He got the whole job done in 15 minutes. I have a greater appreciation now of the fact that their mosquito spraying treatment also kills any ticks present on my lawn and property, because for the first time in many years I have noticed that my Siberian Husky has had some ticks on her fur almost every time I have taken her lately on her two times a day walk at Doylestown Central Park. I have spoken with other frequent dog walkers and they have been horrified of the same discovery of ticks on their own dogs too after walking at Central Park in Doylestown. I guess we are in for a "bad year" when it comes to ticks, so I am glad that at least on my own property my dog should have a low probability of having a disease-carrying tick get on her."

Patrick Stokely Profile Image

Patrick Stokely

(May 14, 2024)

"Shawn is a real professional."

Lorenz Iannarone Profile Image

Lorenz Iannarone

(May 13, 2024)

"Mike was very pleasant and did a great job"

Kimberly Sallee Profile Image

Kimberly Sallee

(May 8, 2024)

"Mike M did a great job! He was polite, professional, and friendly."

Trish Tokarczyk Profile Image

Trish Tokarczyk

(May 7, 2024)

"Mosquito Squad does a great job, quick professional and you are updated through out the whole process!"