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Mosquito Barrier Protection in Bryn Mawr

Mosquitoes are much more than simply annoying pests buzzing around your yard. These critters can spread deadly diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. In recent years, the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses has become even more concerning due to the emergence of the Zika virus, which is especially dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects in babies born to infected mothers. 

Fortunately, Mosquito Squad has the equipment and expertise to eliminate mosquitoes from your property. Our Bryn Mawr specialists excel at eliminating these pesky insects on contact. We rely on a proprietary mosquito control treatment that kills 90% of mosquitoes on contact and forms a barrier for up to 3 weeks. We are so confident in our mosquito control services we back our work with a reliable satisfaction guarantee. Every customer receives a 3-week window after each spray to request a follow-up on any shortcomings. 

Refined Mosquito Control Techniques 

We pride ourselves on keeping our Bryn Mawr community mosquito-free. Mosquitoes thrive in moist environments where there is plenty of standing water available for breeding grounds. Puddles on your property provide an ideal habitat for these disease vectors to hide and reproduce in large numbers without leaving your backyard. 

Common mosquito hiding spots include:

  • Bird baths
  • Clogged gutters
  • Flowerpots that collect rainwater
  • Old tires 
  • Plastic containers 

It’s best to keep all outdoor areas clean and dry to prevent mosquitoes from taking up residence on your property. Luckily, we can reduce the number of mosquitos breeding on your property.

Our effective eco-sensitive mosquito and pest-control services minimize disruption to humans and wildlife living in the area. They include:

  • Tick and flea treatments 
  • All-natural mosquito treatments
  • Tick barrier protection treatments 
  • Special event treatments 

Why Professional Mosquito Control Is Critical                                                                              

The most effective way to eradicate mosquitoes on your property is through professional mosquito control services. At Mosquito Squad, our experienced team of experts specialize in pest management strategies and will tailor our techniques to your Bryn Mawr landscaping. We will assess the size and scope of your infestation before implementing targeted extermination methods designed to eliminate mosquitoes. 

By booking regularly scheduled treatments throughout the year, our team will remove existing mosquito colonies while preventing future infestations. Our professional mosquito control services are designed to offer you peace of mind of knowing you won't have any unwanted visitors invading your space anytime soon. 

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