Will Spider Control Result in More Spiders?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Will Spider Control Result in More Spiders?

December 20, 2023

The theory goes: killing spiders will attract more spiders. Is this a true statement or Internet fallacy?

Indirectly, dead spider carcasses could result in spiders seeking a meal near your home, or wherever the spider carcass is. This is because spiders eat insects that are attracted to and eat dead spiders. The food chain is a funny thing. But a dead spider is better than a live spider, and the more you eliminate, the less you have. Eliminating spiders will never result in you encountering more spiders. And that, my friends, is great news for homeowners looking for Jacksonville spider control.

Spiders are arachnids that live mostly a solo life, not being part of a bigger social circle like ants or bees. So the idea of a dead spider attracting more spiders doesn’t really make much sense, as there aren’t any that would happily jump in to help out.

Effective Jacksonville Spider Control Is at Your Fingertips

If you’ve lived in this area for a year or more, by now you know full well that Jacksonville spider control is not a luxury. Jacksonville spider control is a necessity – especially if spiders totally creep you out and you never want to see them again.

Spiders are everywhere down here, and they aren’t easy to get rid of. Although most spiders aren’t harmful, nobody wants those crawling pests within their home or yard. Thankfully, the team at Mosquito Squad can help you get rid of spiders, so you and your family can enjoy entering your bathroom or closets without unwanted company. We have protected 300,000 families from all types of pests since 2005. Our spider exterminators can help eliminate unwanted pests while providing you with the quality customer service you deserve.

Why Choose Mosquito Squad for Jacksonville Spider Control?

Because spiders are everywhere! Even though most are not harmful, it is safe to say that most humans do not appreciate encountering them around or inside their homes. And though “mosquito” is in our name, that doesn’t mean that we only offer Jacksonville mosquito control!

In most cases, spiders stay outside. However, they can be drawn to your home’s heat and will venture inside if they come across an easy entryway. Spiders are attracted to areas that are damp or dark, such as closets, basements, or gutters.

Spiders may also enter homes through windows and doors with poor screens or cracks. If you are having spider problems outdoors, it is essential to get help from Mosquito Squad Jacksonville spider control before they start crawling indoors.

The scope of our pest elimination services is dependable and vast. If it’s an insect or bug that flies or crawls, it’s a safe bet that Mosquito Squad can remedy the problem.

Don’t put off your Jacksonville spider control for fear of attracting more spiders. Protect your yard and home with professional spider control services from Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida! Give us a call at (904) 844-0816.