Why Am I Seeing So Many Mosquitoes Around My Fruit Cove Home?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Why Am I Seeing So Many Mosquitoes Around My Fruit Cove Home?

December 20, 2023

Mosquitoes are old news here in Fruit Cove Florida, but if you are seeing an influx of mosquitoes this spring, there could be a few reasons.

Let’s face it. Here in Fruit Cove, we love to update landscaping this time of year, but we must be aware that some plants and water feature installations can actually attract mosquitoes. And since we’re talking about mosquitoes, that really sucks. Mosquito control Fruit Cove knows all too well that those rotten mosquitoes love wet and damp areas surrounding the home and landscape.

And what’s even worse, during springtime, we frequently get particularly rainy days that can foster increased mosquito populations. For mosquito control Fruit Cove, that’s really bad news.

So what’s the good news for Fruit Cove mosquito control? Two words. Mosquito Squad.

Since 2005, we have become the one mosquito control Fruit Cove company that does exactly what we promise to do. We eliminate pesky and seriously dangerous Fruit Cove mosquitoes.

But you can also do your part by being smart and eliminating wet and damp areas that those little buggers love. And they love them because that’s where they breed – speaking of love.

CLOSE YOUR TRASH CANS: Prevent water from collecting in them.

PLANT INTELLIGENTLY: Do not put bamboo, taro, papyrus, water lilies, water hyacinths, and water lettuce in your landscape. They are a welcome mat for mosquitoes.

IMPROVE DRAINAGE: If you live in an area of Fruit Cover where it rains heavily or frequently, be sure that water doesn’t stay there.

FORGET BIRDBATHS: Dirty ones are a panacea for mosquitoes.

KEEP A CLEAN YARD: Yard debris is a favorable breeding area for mosquitoes because it protects them from wind and other elements. Properly dispose of grass clippings, stacks of sticks and branches, and piles of leaves.

INVERT KIDDIE POOLS: When not in use, turn them upside down to prevent water from becoming stagnant.

KEEP PET BOWLS INDOORS: Never, ever leave them outdoors in Fruit Cove. That’s asking for mosquito trouble.

Our mosquito control Fruit Cove is just the thing for your mosquito problem!

Mosquito Squad is the mosquito control Fruit Cove answer to your prayers. Our mosquito control solutions for Fruit Cove are customized to each yard.

Yes, our mosquito control Fruit Cove is tailored specifically to each client’s property with a choice of mist scheduling, the type of mosquito control solution, and special event mist for additional protection for warm weather get-togethers at your Fruit Cove home.

Our Fruit Cove mosquito control barrier treatment eliminates those little troublemakers on contact, with protection that lasts for up to 21 days.

Just as effective for mosquito control Fruit Cove is our natural treatment. Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida protects Fruit Cove yards by offering natural mosquito treatment for those looking to avoid synthetic mosquito control. Our natural mosquito treatment in the Fruit Cove area is made of essential oils. While it is applied in the same way as our most popular mosquito treatment, it is highly effective in eliminating mosquitoes.

Don’t let mosquitoes run you back indoors! Choose Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for mosquito control Fruit Cove. Call (904) 844-0816.