How Do I Control No See Ums in My Yard?

no see um

Biting midges, sand flies, no see ums, oh my! No matter the title you give these tiny pests, they can be difficult to control.

Many home and business owners seek natural homemade solutions for no-see-um control in their yards. And like supposed mosquito repellent concoctions, there are purported homemade no-see-um control solutions. The problem is that the effectiveness of such repellents is anecdotal.

With no verifiable proof for any of these homemade no see um elimination methods, you must take them with the proverbial grain of salt. For the most part they come down to Old Wives’ Tales.

If you insist on experimenting and creating a trial run of homemade concoctions, your best bet is to follow the natural path, similar to the Mosquito Squad Natural Barrier Spray.

Depending on the severity of the no see um problem you are facing, try a mixture of essential oils such as lemon eucalyptus, mint, camphor, and lemon. Once applied, they may provide several hours of protection.

Professional No See Um Control Is the Answer You Seek

If you’re looking for that “silver bullet” to take care of your no see um problem all season long, we can help and rise to that occasion.

With the help of Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida, you’ll never have to worry about no see um control around your home again. Our no see um control barrier treatment attacks bug populations at their source, drastically reducing their presence around your home.

At Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida, we’ve developed a proprietary treatment formula that is not dangerous for humans and pets but is devastating for midge populations. When you call our team, we’ll send someone to your home to develop a strategy that’s tailored to your home’s needs. We’ll identify areas that midges will thrive in to attack them at their source. Then, we’ll apply a protective barrier around your home that continues to keep pests out.

Making sure you can enjoy the outdoors again is our mission. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that we’ll come back and apply our treatment again to your yard if you’re unhappy with the initial results. We’ve helped thousands of families across the nation escape pesky bugs outdoors with our proprietary no see um control, and we’re confident that you’ll love what we do!

Why Choose Mosquito Squad for Jacksonville No-See-Um Control?

Mosquito Squad has performed millions of yard sprays since 2005. We are a trusted source for effective mosquito control, tick control, and no-see-um control services.

Our no see um control methodology is where effectiveness and peace of mind coexist. All our ingredients are EPA-registered and made with responsibility as a priority. When misted on your yard, our products kill no see um flying pests on contact and protect your home for as long as 21 days. Our technicians will identify the sources of your problem and then focus their treatment there.

After our visit to apply no see um control, it only takes 30 minutes for your family to be able to return to the outdoors. Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida backs our claims with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know you’ll love our no-see-um control services, but if anything goes wrong, we will fix it at no extra cost to you. From Jacksonville to St. Augustine, Yulee, Ponte Vedra Beach, and beyond, our teams are here for you!

Say goodbye to No-See-Ums Forever with Mosquito Squad

Don’t leave your no-see-um control up to homemade solutions, which offer negligible protection. Protect your yard and home with professional no-see-um control services from Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida! Give us a call at (904) 844-0816.

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