Which of our Mosquito Control Services is Right for You?

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If you choose Mosquito Squad for mosquito control in Jacksonville, you are choosing comprehensive, effective mosquito control services.

As the threat of disease bearing mosquitoes grows each year, so does the search for mosquito control services.

Luckily for us here in Northeast Florida, the ultimate mosquito control authority here in Jacksonville is the expert team at Mosquito Squad.

When you hear “mosquito control Jacksonville,” what you are actually hearing is yet another brand reference to Mosquito Squad – the original mosquito control company. Yes, the first, and still the best.

What makes Mosquito Squad the most trusted and dependable mosquito control services company here in Jacksonville?


Excellence in knowing how best to combat the mosquito problem.

Excellence in treatments that are proven effective and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Excellence in responsive and respectful client service.

That’s the hallmark of mosquito control Jacksonville.

Which of our mosquito control services will best suit your needs?

With Mosquito Squad, you have a choice of which mosquito control services will best suit your needs.

A friend to Mother Earth, our naturalmist is the ideal alternative to chemical mosquito repellents. Our Natural Mosquito Control helps protect Jacksonville area families with a proven treatment that is non-toxic, non-synthetic, pleasantly aromatic, and pet and child friendly.

When it comes to our natural mosquito control services treatment, we recommend having our specialists re-treat your property every 21 days. This will keep your landscape protected against mosquitoes all season long!

Our original Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment has been countless mosquitoes’ worst nightmare since we created mosquito control services back in 2005. That’s 17 successful years of keeping Jacksonville homes and yards more comfortable places to live and play.

By applying our effective mosquito control treatment around your home and backyard, we can kill and keep mosquitoes away for up to 21 days.

Hire the mosquito control company, who offers a choice of mosquito control services. Choose Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for all your mosquito control Jacksonville needs. Call (904) 844-0816.