Make Your Event Special with Mosquito Control Jacksonville

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Mark your special event mosquito control in Jacksonville to-do, to-done with Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida.

If you are searching formosquito control in Jacksonville, congratulations. You just found it. Mosquito Squad is the creator of mosquito control in Jacksonville, and we’re guessing that you probably don’t like dealing with mosquitoes much, correct?

How do we hate those annoying pests? Let us count the ways.

1. Annoying: That buzzing around our face and into our ears is nerve-wracking, especially if you are eating and drinking; having them in your face is bothersome and disrupts the merriment and conversation of the moment.

2. Dangerous: The diseases that they can spread are so alarmingly awful, hopefully with our protection you’ll never have to deal with them.

3. Disgusting: When they bite us, and if you happen to catch them in the act, they’ll leave a trail of your blood when you whack them. Smacking a bloody mosquito is gross. Period.

4. Killjoys: When we sweat, it sends them a trigger that a biting opportunity is near. And foods that we tend to enjoy outdoors attract them, too. To name a few they include beer, bananas, avocados, ice cream, salty foods, and sugary foods – basically virtually everything we love to consume outdoors.

How does our special event mosquito control Jacksonville work?

With Easter just a month away, if a lawn egg hunt is in the cards for your front or back yard, our special event mosquito treatment would be a very smart precautionary idea. It’s important to protect our little ones as they seek and find the eggs throughout your yard.

For that matter, if you have an outdoor family reunion or wedding coming up, a graduation party, or any holiday or seasonal event, get the mosquito protection your family and guests deserve – Mosquito Squad of northeast Florida.

Here’s how it works. Prior to your big day, we’ll lay down a barrier mist that controls mosquitoes and ticks. We invented this system in 2005 and have used it over 2 million times to help people just like you. It is designed to comply with local and federal guidelines, and all ingredients are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our special event mist will eliminate or significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes that bite guests and hover over food. We mist before food and dinnerware arrive so there is no opportunity for contamination. Once applied, our Protective Barrier Treatment dries within 30 minutes and leaves no odor or visible residue. Notably, the mist will last the entire duration of your event so the celebration can continue into the night!

After all, you surely don’t want to deal with a chaotic situation like this.

Tips for Avoiding Mosquitoes at Outdoor Jacksonville FL Events

When you are out enjoying the sights and sounds of Jacksonville, here are some ways to keep the biting invaders away.

1. Cover Up: Cover up as much exposed skin as possible to make it more difficult for them to penetrate your skin.

2. Be Light: As dark colors attract them, wear light-colored clothing.

3. Choose Pants: Opt for good leg protection by wearing long pants or slacks instead of a dress or shorts.

4. Oil It Up: Florida locals often choose to apply baby oil before heading outside. Other natural oils that have proven to be effective include lemon eucalyptus, lavender, cinnamon, thyme, Greek catmint, soybean, and tree oil. Avoid wearing perfume at all costs.

Natural elements throughout your landscape and garden are also a great preventive measure when back at home. Plant marigolds, lavender, rosemary, and basil.

Your celebratory occasion will go off without a hitch – or an itch – with Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida’s special event mosquito control Jacksonville. Call (904) 844-0816.