Traditional Vs. Natural Mosquito Control

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If you are looking for mosquito control near me in Fruit Cove Florida, consider these options.

Life is good in Fruit Cove, Florida. This quaint suburb of Jacksonville is a great place to live according to Beautifully situated in St. Johns County, Fruit Cove is one of the best places to live in Florida. Living here offers residents a rural feel as most residents own their homes. So as mosquito season approaches full force, we expect families in our neighborhoods will soon be asking where can I get “mosquito control near me.”

The good news is that the answer is simple. Mosquito control Fruit Cove is a mouse click or digital touch away with Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida.

We would be remiss to not mention that mosquitoes enjoy living in the Fruit Cove area, too. As a matter of fact, we have about 80 species of mosquitoes in our area. YIKES! And while that number sounds small compared to the fact that there are 3,500 known species of mosquitoes worldwide, Florida boasts nearly 30 more types of mosquitoes than can be found in the Northeastern United States. Of course, not mosquito is a disease vector – but it only takes one bite from a single dangerous mosquito to potentially wreak havoc on your life. And if you start protecting your family with mosquito control near me, hopefully you will never have to find out first hand.

Choose Your Ideal Type of Mosquito Control in Fruit Cove

Thanks to Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida, you have a choice for the better mosquito control for your busy life in Fruit Cove Florida.

To protect you and your family, contact mosquito control Jacksonville for the mosquito control protection that works best for you with these options:

Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment: Our mosquito control Fruit Cover mosquito control solution for mosquito elimination here in Fruit Cove involves treating your home exterior with a proprietary blend that meets both local and federal regulations, targeting areas where mosquitoes feed, breed, and harbor. This proprietary mosquito barrier provides protection for up to 21 days. We can target any outdoor area where mosquitoes feed and reproduce. We suggest hiring our team to return every three weeks for optimum results.

Natural Mosquito Treatment Option: Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida offers Fruit Cove residents all natural mosquito treatment for those looking to avoid synthetic mosquito control. Our all-natural mosquito treatment is crafted of essential oils that repel mosquitoes, like lemon eucalyptus, geranium, peppermint, and citronella.

Fruit Cove, We Have The Mosquito Control You’ve Been Looking For.

There is no incorrect answer for mosquito control near me. There is only the answer that is better for you! Call Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida at (904) 844-0816.