The Best Mosquito Control Service in Jacksonville, FL

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If you are looking for the best mosquito control service in the Jacksonville FL area, end your search with Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida.

It is our acclaimed combination of mosquito elimination and top-notch service that makes Mosquito Squad the pride of Jacksonville outdoor enjoyment. When it comes to identifying the best mosquito control service in Northeast Florida, trust the first and finest – Mosquito Squad.

Our validation in saying that is that we created and defined what a true mosquito control company should be when we started this category back in 2005.

To share our rich and successful history, Mosquito Squad invented the barrier treatment back then to help outdoor lighting installers in Jacksonville fight mosquito bites while working, and we've been leading the industry ever since.

Don’t be fooled by the countless imitators that are out there. We are the original mosquito control company, and we have protected more than hundreds of thousands of backyards across the country.

Choose the superior mosquito control service with great reviews for dependable and effective mosquito control.

When our mosquito control team of experts say, “people in Jacksonville love us,” the proof of the pudding is our 118 5-star reviews on Google – all with a glowing 5-start rating! So what’s our secret that results in this legendary mosquito control success story?

It’s our proprietary mosquito barrier treatments.

Our original and time-tested mosquito control treatment kills mosquitoes on contact and lasts for up to 21 days.

We also offer a Natural Mosquito Treatment option for those that prefer to avoid synthetics. This powerful mosquito control solution contains essential oils that mosquitoes hate because it repels them for up to 14 days. Hence, for season-long protection, our Jacksonville crews will treat your property every two weeks.

If you are looking for the best mosquito control service near Jacksonville FL, choose Mosquito Squad

Locally-owned, nationally-recognized, and frequently referred by our clients, Mosquito Squad’s knowledgeable and dedicated team is ready to make your yard a place where you can wander outdoors at dusk and not even think twice about being out there.

We say this because many types of mosquitoes prevalent in Jacksonville prefer to be active at dusk or in the evenings. Those times are important to them as they prefer warm, humid areas with easy access to water. They typically avoid the hottest and driest parts of the day when they could easily suffer from dehydration.

We should be so lucky.

Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida provides Google’s highest-rated mosquito control service in Jacksonville FL. Call (904) 844-0816.