Learn How Our Granular Treatment Provides Preventative Flea Control

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Learn How Our Granular Treatment Provides Preventative Flea Control

Have you ever noticed insect annoyances tend to come throughout the year in waves? Early fall is undoubtedly a concern for those with pets, as it is prime time for fleas to make their presence known. Help protect your fuzzy family members from fleas and other lawn-breeding pests with preventative flea control from Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces. By getting granular treatment for your yard, you can aid in reducing biting insects on your property, including fleas, ticks, gnats, and more.

Act Now for Preventative Flea Control

Fleas are mostly known as a problem for pet owners, but they can certainly take a nibble out of people. Any warm-blooded creature is a target for these tiny annoyances as blood is their primary source of nutrients. The easiest way for fleas to find their way into your home is by hitching a ride on your dogs or cats when they are outside. To help keep them out of your home, Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces offers preventative flea control.

You can help keep your family from itching this season with Mosquito Squad's Granular Treatment. By having our granular treatment applied to your yard twice a year in the Spring and Fall, you can help provide reliable protection from these pests. Not only will this treatment option help reduce the presence of fleas, but it will also help decrease the risk of flea-borne parasites, such as tapeworms, from infecting pets and loved ones.

One Granular Treatment Helps Control Several Pests

Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces' Granular Treatment is effective against more than just fleas. Adding an extensive granular treatment to your Spring and Fall preparations gives you a strong defense against gnats, fleas, ticks, and more. Don't let these pests get the first bite in.

Treating your property before the peak of the season is best for long-term results. Not only will you get ahead of any population explosions on or around your property, but you'll be able to stay ahead of any infestations that might try to enter your home. Make sure that the pesky critters remain outside the range of your home by being the first to act.

When you add this treatment to your Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment, you help keep the pests at bay by stacking up your defenses against a number of pests. Mosquitoes, in particular, will be reduced by up to 90%!

Practice Preventative Tick Control to Help Protect Your Family

Not only are ticks creepy crawlies that you want to avoid, but they carry some potentially dangerous diseases. Acting and using preventative tick control methods is the best solution to help keep your family and pets safe. You can reduce your risk by putting on layers to avoid getting tick bites and using insect repellents containing DEET. When you are home, will you constantly want to apply DEET insect repellents?

Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces wants to assist you with keeping the ticks away. The 6 C's of Tick Control are your first line of defense for your property against these bloodsucking arachnids. Your exposure to ticks could be cut by 85-90% with the help of our granular treatment and tick tube systems. If you want to spend more time in your cherished yard with your family, we can help you figure out a plan that will work.

Start Your Preventative Flea and Tick Control Today. Our team at Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces loves helping our customers fight against these little buggers before they can attack. Contact us online or call us today at (575) 221-1787 to get started with the Granular Treatment.