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Scorpion Control

Las Cruces Scorpion Control Problem Solved


Las Cruces scorpion control is a serious matter here. And thanks to Mosquito Squad, highly effective and dependable scorpion control is now available – and in demand.

How To Achieve Scorpion Control In Las Cruces

Here are the scorpion control facts. Although there are 2,000 scorpion species, only 30 to 40 scorpion species have poison strong enough to kill you.

And with odds like that, especially here in Las Cruces, scorpion control is necessary.

Where Scorpion Control Is Needed Most Throughout Las Cruces

Poisonous scorpions must be controlled in these volatile areas where they tend to find shelter in your yard:

1. Logs

2. Caves

3. Holes in the Ground

But the need for Las Cruces scorpion control is beyond your exterior home perimeter. They often hide inside your home in these favored nesting places:

1. Cabinets

2. Closets

3. Under Beds

How Can I Practice Scorpion Control?

First, be aware of where they harbor, both outside and inside your Las Cruces home. Second, follow these 7 key tips for getting rid of scorpions:

1. Keep woodpiles far from your home, at least 30 feet away.

2. Eliminate standing water throughout your backyard, gardens, and landscape.

3. Discourage nesting places by keeping mulch and yard debris leveled so that scorpions cannot bury themselves in it and make a home.

4. Tightly seal any holes and spaces beneath your doors and floors. Some scorpions can fit anywhere a credit card can fit.

5. Replace your exterior coach lights and floodlights with a yellow bulb to prevent insects from coming up to the house.

6. Check dark places for signs of scorpions frequently.

7. Control any pests that may have access to your home: crickets, roaches, ants, and other insects, which are a food source for scorpions.

Scorpions will be less attracted to finding meal sources near your home by preventing insects from penetrating your house at night.

Where Can I Find Las Cruces Scorpion Control Near Me?

Scorpions are creepy, dangerous, and not welcome in your home. For this reason, Mosquito Squad is proud to help you defend against the threat with our comprehensive scorpion control treatment program. It has been proven that Mosquito Squad, the most trusted mosquito barrier since 2005, can also battle scorpions on your property by treating your yard and home exterior.

For the ultimate scorpion control and prevention, Mosquito Squad technicians can protect your home and yard from scorpions by targeting their favorite hiding places every three weeks.

Like mosquitoes, scorpions are not only annoying—they’re dangerous for your kids and pets. People can’t have peace of mind until their yard is free from scorpions. Mosquito Squad offers a highly-effective scorpion control treatment program. If you want to enjoy your yard without fear, we have the proven solution to make it happen!

Our licensed and trained scorpion control technicians can come to your house every 2-3 weeks like clockwork, treating your yard without a single reminder! Mosquito Squad is your best bet for Las Cruces scorpion control.

Start Enjoying Your Yard Again

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