Why Does Monsoon Season Cause a Boom in the Mosquito Population?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Why Does Monsoon Season Cause a Boom in the Mosquito Population?

December 20, 2023

Monsoon season in Las Cruces runs from June 15 to September 30. This period features heavy rains and thunderstorms. It can also cause a boom in the mosquito population.

Why the Mosquito Population Can Increase During Monsoon Season in Las Cruces

Monsoon season in Las Cruces brings lots of standing water to properties across the city. Meanwhile, mosquitoes are prone to breed in standing water. Thus, the more standing water that collects during monsoon, the more likely mosquitoes can use it for breeding. When mosquitoes breed, the mosquito population increases. The result: mosquitoes can wreak havoc on Las Cruces properties during monsoon season and after it ends.

How to Prevent the Mosquito Population from Growing

Removing standing water on a Las Cruces property is best to prevent the mosquito population from increasing. Here are tips to help you limit standing water on your property:

  • Look for standing water immediately after it rains. Dump out any standing water right away. Otherwise, mosquitoes can use it for breeding, even in a small puddle of standing water.
  • Mow your lawn. Trim your grass and remove any dead leaves or underbrush from your property. That way, you can eliminate tall grass and bushes where mosquitoes can congregate.

If you are concerned the mosquito population is growing on your property, consider mosquito control in Las Cruces.

What Is the Best Option for Mosquito Control in Las Cruces?a family enjoying food outside

To identify the best option for mosquito control in Las Cruces, it pays to perform research. You can learn about mosquito control companies and what services they offer. In addition, you can meet with a mosquito control provider to see how the business can help you control the mosquito population on your property.

The best mosquito control company in Las Cruces provides a top-notch mosquito barrier treatment. It can apply the treatment across all sections of a property. Next, the treatment can help you protect against mosquitoes for up to three weeks.

Also, the leading Las Cruces mosquito control company offers a natural mosquito control treatment. This allows you to choose a natural mosquito control treatment for your yard. You can use this treatment to defend against mosquitoes for approximately two weeks.

When you work with the best mosquito control company in Las Cruces, you can receive expert-level support, too. The company has experienced mosquito control professionals on staff. These professionals can offer a personalized mosquito control recommendation. They can respond to any mosquito control questions and concerns as well.

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