How to Protect Your Children From Mosquitoes When Summer Hits Lansing

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Mosquitoes spread dangerous diseases that may impact your children when summer finally arrives in Lansing. Even if this city isn't close to Lake Michigan (where many mosquitoes are born), it is near many lakes and rivers where mosquitoes may hatch. If you want to protect your children this summer, we at Mosquito Squad of Lansing suggest the following tips to ensure your home is safe. These methods will keep mosquitoes out of your yard and your home and prevent disease spread. These steps not only help your children stay safe but can help you as well.

Remove Standing Water Sources

Go through your yard and find areas that collect water, such as empty buckets, birdbaths, and even shallow depressions in the ground. Carefully cover these areas or turn them over to prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs here. Typically, the best mosquito exterminator control in Lansing uses this technique alongside the other 7 Ts to ensure that mosquitoes are out of your yard for good. These simple techniques help to enhance the overall quality of your mosquito control in many ways.

Use Bug Repellant

Whenever your children go outside to play, you need to use mosquito mist to keep them safe. During the hottest times of the year in Lansing (July to August), you can expect mosquitoes to be active from the early morning to after the sun goes down. As a result, your children will need daily applications of this mist to stay safe from these biting pests. Ensure that you cover their eyes when using this mist to avoid getting it in any delicate areas.

Put Up Mosquito Nets

If you're sick of mosquitoes invading your home every time you open the door, you need to put up nets on your doorways. These simple nets prevent mosquitoes from invading your home and can be easily adjusted every time you enter. Typically, they utilize a magnet system that snaps open and shut, letting your children go in and out throughout the day without allowing mosquitoes into your house.

Work With an Expert Pest Control Team

The best Lansing-area mosquito control team will gauge where mosquitoes originate in your yard and take steps to keep them out. Often, this process includes examining areas near your property for potential problems, such as overgrown grass on your neighbor's yard. They'll then provide care that helps to minimize these troubles to ensure that your home is as safe from mosquitoes as possible.

Get Help Today

Protecting your children from mosquitoes must be done in a way that makes sense for your needs. If you took the steps above and you still can't keep these pests out, call us at (517) 798-8681 and the Mosquito Squad of Lansing team can help keep you protected. We can provide the long-term protection that your home needs to be safe, both inside and throughout your yard. Our services include long-term mosquito repellents, various fogging methods, and natural care methods that use safe and efficient naturaltreatments.