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    This team provides an excellent service. From first inquiry through post treatment, they keep you very informed. Their technicians are professional, punctual, kind, and courteous. Noah did a tremendous job and I appreciate him taking time during treatment to answer my questions.
    John F.

    Have been using this company for three years now and have been very happy. They always come back out if we need it, don’t complain and help us understand the bug issues.

    Two techs, Jalisa and Malinda, especially stick out as exceptional. Always courteous, helpful and listen to my concerns. Plus they are always smiling and considering how heavy their equipment is and how they have to dress on hot days that says a lot about their work ethic and attitude. Hope they keep coming out and doing great work for us. Thanks for helping us enjoy out yard!

    S. V.
    Mosquito squad has been doing a great job for this season. They take more time, spray more areas, and we're seeing extremely few mosquitoes. So glad that we spent a bit more and switched to Mosquito Squad this year from a competitor that did not do a good job last year. I also appreciate the emails before and after the team comes. Very satisfied!
    Virginia Y.
    Very satisfied with the service I receive with this company, both techs are very professional.
    Jim O.
    They Mosquito Squad employees are very professional.....on time and very polite! And last but not least they will get rid of the horrible mosquitoes and ticks in your area! 👍👍👍
    Kevin K.
    Just got my second spray if the summer and I’m so please with this service!
    I had literally tried every non toxic thing on the market and was not making a dent in the mosquito and tick populations. I have dogs, goats and chickens and want to keep them safe as well as the myriad wildlife in the area. The staff at MS is always super friendly and kind on the phone and especially the technicians! I also told my neighbors about the service and with them on board we can all be outside enjoying our properties.
    When you have family members that sprays chemicals that kill bees and butterflies and you even tell them how great this service is only using essential oils and fungicide for standing water!
    Couldn’t be happier to have found this option!
    Kat W.

    Best investment ever! Having a loved one who has severe reactions to bites, I was praying it was going to work and IT DOES!

    Will be a returning client for sure.

    Jessica L.
    The Team that came out today to do our Treatment , Went Over and Above there call of duty.... I am Soo GREATFUL , Thank You and again for handling yourselves in such a professional way during this unprecedented time.
    Doris C.
    Great company-Malinda and Cortoria (Tech 3) are exceptional! Professional, courteous, and very thorough.
    Daniel A.
    Mosquito Squad is on time, friendly, and quick with our sprays each month. If we have an issue that has only been once or twice over the last 3 years they come out and respray with no questions asked. Our whole family loves being able to enjoy our yard all summer without the mosquitoes!!! Thanks Mosquito Squad!!!!
    Tim Y.
    We’ve used the Mosquito Squad’s services for the last 3 years and have been very pleased! Customer service is superior and they are there to help. I love the confidence of knowing my yard is protected and a safe place for my family to be. They will avoid areas of your yard, if requested. Truly a great business! Thank you!
    Lisa S.B
    I’ve been very happy with Mosquito Squad. We live next to a marshy pond, and I had very few mosquito encounters last summer. I like receiving email and text notifications regarding service appointments. Any communication I’ve had with technicians or customer service over the phone has always been extremely friendly and helpful.
    Crystal S.
    We just signed up for our third season with mosquito squad. For the past two summers we have been able to totally enjoy our backyard— before this time we would avoid being outside or else be eaten alive! On one occasion we got bit by a few mosquitos, and the squad came out the very next day and sprayed again. Now I am adding tick and flea prevention as our dogs love being outside too. It’s a whole different experience being outside since we started using them and I would highly recommend them for their service and products!
    Randi S.
    I wish we had known about them sooner! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to live in the country (by WOODS and a SWAMP) and be able to sit or work outside without ANY bugs. Before I called Mosquito Squad my small dogs were bringing ticks into the house and it was horrible. After we signed up, no ticks or mosquitoes.. it was so wonderful. If you aren’t a customer, you should be!!
    Melinda S.
    We have used mosquito squad for the past few years. Service is great, customer service is helpful and responsive. They text me when they are on the way, and billing is automated and easy. We used to find upwards of 20 ticks a month on our floors, clothes, etc. Using their tick service, I found only two ticks in our house all of last summer. Happy customers.
    Tracey E.
    I’m at not one to use chemicals If I don’t have to but when I spotted a tick on my baby more than once it was time to take care of the issue. Mosquito squad was awesome, the technicians were friendly and even gave a cute little toy to my toddler during one of our treatments. Best of all we did not see a single tick on our dog or our kids after they came! Highly recommended for professionalism, quality, and showing up on time.
    Nicole A.
    We have used this mosquito spraying service for several years now and are very pleased. They always offer courteous and reliable service and have graciously accommodated my requests for schedule changes. Being mosquito free is such a joy and gives us great peace of mind given the threat of mosquito borne diseases of last summer. We have also used their tree and shrub trimming service and were especially pleased with the quality of their work. As you can probably tell by now, I unreservedly give this company five stars and highly recommend their services.
    Martha S.
    I've had Mosquito Squad treat the grounds around my 4-unit townhouse building the last 2 years. During and after the first year I inquired with the tenants to determine if it was a worthwhile expenditure for me to continue. Their response was unanimously yes. There are families living there, with the children and some adults spending a good deal of the time outside during the spring and summer. They expressed their appreciation that I was providing this service, saying it has made a difference in their ability to enjoy the outdoors. It's another way for me, as a landlord, to keep tenants pleased to be living there.
    Chuck M.
    The Mosquito Squad is great. Their product works well, and we live in a heavily wooded area. We had an issue once where our treatment didn't seem to work very well because it rained almost immediately after it was applied. They came back and did another application at no cost.
    Nicki O.
    Signed up for the season long treatment. I have a wooded lot with a large backyard patio and deck where we enjoy spending a lot of time. They have just completed 4 of 6 treatments. The Squad including Noah, Nick and Greg listen to my requests, hit my trouble spots and we have been mosquito free for the entire summer. Thanks guys.
    William W.
    Owner Mike was very patient with my multiple questions, including toxicity of product. I was concerned especially for my grandson and our dog. After lengthy interview, I went with this company. PROS are: no mosquitos this summer, always on time, excellent communication including email day before and day of treatment with text prior to arrival, very friendly staff, only nesting places of mosquitos were sprayed-no flower beds so that the bee and butterflies are not affected. My treatments were most often applied by Malinda and Marisha who were very pleasant and thorough. I wish I could list everyone here because every technician was just as qualified. CONS are: none. I will definitely keep using this company.
    Tyler is so friendly, and even remembered to check a nest near our front door before spraying!
    L. Maniaci
    We use the all-natural treatment, and we have been very happy with its effectiveness. My daughter and I both have severe reactions to mosquito bites, so this is an essential service for us. We have been using Mosquito Squad for a few years now, and they are very reliable and professional.
    E.C. K.
    We’ve been using Mosquito squad for four years now and couldn’t live without them. Our house is in a heavily wooded lot and depend on their services to survive each spring and summer. They are always on time and thorough. Very friendly workers and great communication. I highly recommend them to keep your yard free from the skeeters!
    Summer isn’t the same without them! The difference is amazing and allows us to use our wooded lot with comfort. To top it off, their customer service is excellent as well as their satisfaction guarantee.
    We've been subscribed to Mosquito Squad's service for four years now. Our yard was so bad we could not go outside in the summer. Now we enjoy our yard all summer long and if for some reason the mosquitoes don't respond, MS comes out and resprays for us. We host a couple of large outdoor parties each year and they are extra diligent around those time frames and the areas of the yard that we use the most. We have 4 acres to cover and never an issue.
    Ginny R.
    "I have to say I’m wildly impressed with The Mosquito Squad!"
    I have to say I’m wildly impressed with The Mosquito Squad! We had them spray our usually skeeter ridden Zen garden 9 days ago with an herbal dog/fish safe treatment. I will tell you I was extremely skeptical. There hasn’t been a mosquito in sight! Usually we are driven in the house on a sticky muggy day especially after rain. Stuff really works!
    Rachel and Tommy H.
    We love Mosquito Squad, they are very reliable, and trustworthy. They have always been good at keeping me informed and turning up on time. They have worked with me to maximize the effectiveness of their product. They strive to make sure their customers are fully satisfied. We back onto a small lake (large pond) and thanks to Mosquito squad we have been able to enjoy our yard this summer, without being driven inside by mosquitoes.
    Debbie & Pete D.