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Only a handful of places can match the beauty exuded by Island Park in Grand Ledge, especially during the Fall. Parks are abundant in this lovely city. Hence, the reason families capitalize on every opportunity to be one with nature. The town is considered peaceful. Well, peaceful until spring and summer when mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests decide to show up in multitudes, unless they take safety precautions, especially since thestate has dealt with various diseases from the tick and mosquito the last two decades.

However, not to worry, since the role that Mosquito Squad of Lansing Serving Grand Ledge plays is to protect everyone and their pets plus your events. We spend every single day discovering how these insects function and how to safeguard ourselves from them. Our Barrier Protection Treatment is effective for up to 21 days and kills as much as 90 percent of ticks and mosquitoes, while our natural treatment keeps the insects away for 14 days.

Mosquito Control in Grand Ledge, Michigan

People who work continuously outdoors or take part in outside events are at an elevated threat of infection due to their high openness to mosquito bites. Serious illness may attack at any moment with no warning. Women older than sixty have the highest chance of acquiring a severe illness. Individuals with heart, kidney, and asthma-related health problems are also more inclined to get a mosquito-borne disease.

As a locally owned and operated company, Mosquito Squad of Lansing serving Grand Ledge dislikes it when the community is put in jeopardy. As a result, we deliver a procedure that involves inspecting and treating all trouble areas in your house. Then we use our Barrier Protection method, which holds mosquitoes at bay for another twenty-one days. We then return to mist in the summer.

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Tick Control in Grand Ledge, Michigan

Ticks are among the most dangerous pests to interact with because they can spread diseases and viruses such as Lyme Disease to everyone. Ticks are infamous for attaching themselves to humans and pets in order to feed on their blood, so tick avoidance is important for personal health and well-being. Ticks are common outdoors during the summer months and can be found in the United States, including Michigan. The Blacklegged and American Dog ticks are two tick types that residents should be aware of among the many tick species in the state.

Mosquito Squad of Lansing, serving Grand Ledge, understands that ticks are more prevalent in the spring and summer when the weather is wet. That is why, before the cold season arrives, we will treat your yard every 21 days when you choose a season plan. We search for and remove any infestations. If you dwell near wooded areas, we also use the rick tube method.

NaturalMosquito Control Grand Ledge, Michigan

Several residents have shown a demand for a mosquito repellent that is natural. When it comes to satisfying the needs of the people, the Mosquito Squad of Lansing serving Grand Ledge is on top of the game. The naturalremedy is just as it says, with no hidden ingredients. It's formulated with three essential oils, and it also has a botanical scent that lingers for several hours before dissipating.

It keeps mosquitoes and ticks at bay for 14 days. Don't worry; if you sign up for the season package, we'll return to treat your yard in the summer. And if you're not at home, we do it automatically. We'll leave a note for you. For your yard, commercial space, or even an event venue, we can use the naturalmethod. To ensure your protection, we adhere to the highest standard by following local laws and federal regulations.

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For fifteen years, we've honed our profession, leaving more than 300 thousand households satisfied with our service. We rid the place of mosquitoes and ticks in the traditional and naturalway. We extend a 100 % satisfaction guarantee to all our customers because we are confident with our expert team, products, and techniques. We are honored both locally and internationally. We genuinely care about the communities we serve because we live there too.

You can get the same royal treatment by filling out ourcontact form or calling our capable customer service representatives at (517) 798-8681 to get you back outdoors ASAP.



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