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This family-friendly city is known for being rich in history. Additionally, its peaceful nature makes people want to gravitate there and so the small town has been growing, slowly but surely. Talk about safety, and Dewitt falls into the top fifteen percent in Michigan and across the US.

Speaking of safety, no one is safe from mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests unless they take safety precautions, especially since the state has facedmosquito-borne diseases in recent years. However, not to worry that the role Mosquito Squad of Lansing serving Dewitt plays. We spend every single day learning about these insects and how to protect ourselves from them.

In the last fifteen years, we've honed our craft, and more than 300 thousand households use our service. We get rid of mosquitoes and ticks both the traditional and natural way. We offer a 100 %satisfaction guarantee to all our customers because we are confident with our tried and proven techniques. Ask our industry colleagues and your neighbors why we are revered internationally, then come, let's give you the same royal treatment to keep pests away.

Mosquito Control in Dewitt, Michigan

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is among the many mosquitoes that are a bother in the gardens, fields, picnic areas, or playgrounds of Michigan. They can also transmit diseases that are harmful to humans and animals. Mosquitoes are thought to play a part in the spread of heartworm diseases, malaria, and the Zika virus, according to popular belief. The West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis(EEE), transmitted by mosquitoes, represent a danger to people and animals in the state, primarily horses.

As a locally-operated business, our team at Mosquito Squad of Lansing serving Dewitt does not like when the community is at risk. So we offer a process, which includes checking all problem areas at your home and treating them. We then utilize our Barrier Protection technique which keeps the mosquitoes away for another twenty-one days. We then come back to mist all summer long.

Tick Control in Dewitt, Michigan

Ticks are one of the most harmful pests to deal with since they can transmit diseases and viruses likeLyme Disease, affecting anyone. Ticks are notorious for attaching to humans and pets for blood-feeding, so tick avoidance is critical for individual health and well-being. Ticks are quite prevalent outside throughout the summer season and can be encountered in the United States, including Michigan. There are four tick species specifically that Michigan residents need to be knowledgeable of among the state's more than twenty tick species, comprising Blacklegged, Brown Dog, Lone Star, Lone Star, and American Dog ticks.

At Mosquito Squad of Lansing, serving Dewitt, we understand that the tick pests are prominent during the spring and summer when it is warm. That is why we treat your yard repeatedly every 21 days until the cold period comes around. We look for any infestations and eliminate them. We also utilize a rick tube technique if you live near woodland areas.

NaturalMosquito Control Dewitt, Michigan

Numerous households have been expressing a preference for natural mosquito repellent. The Mosquito Squad of Lansing serving Dewitt is on top of the game when meeting the needs of the people. Our. Natural treatment is as the name suggests and even carries a botanical aroma that lasts for several hours before dissipating.

​It staves off mosquitoes and ticks for fourteen. Don't worry; we'll be back to treat your yard throughout the warm season. We can use the natural process for your yard, commercial space, and even event location. We meet the highest standard from municipal to federal. You ensure you're safe.

Why Mosquito Squad of Lansing

The question should be, why anything but Mosquito Squad of Lansing serving Dewitt? Not only do we offer you a 100 %satisfaction guarantee, but we'll respray your space if you're dissatisfied in any way. The Environmental Protection Agency is satisfied with our product too.

Please fill out ourcontact form today to obtain a free quote or call us at (517) 798-8681 to find out why your neighbors trust us to keep mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas away.



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